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Winter Sports Parent Meeting November 18 th, 2009 7:00 pm.

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1 Winter Sports Parent Meeting November 18 th, 2009 7:00 pm

2 Pay To PARTICIPATE You do not buy your playing time, but rather the right to participate on our athletic teams. Playing time is earned.

3 Introduction of Guests Ms. Kari Drogosh – Athletic Director Dr. Jerry Davisson – Principal 10-12 building Mrs. Tammy Rastigue – Athletic Trainer Mr. Ken Schornak – Athletic Trainer Mrs. Lynne Perryman – Athletic Secretary Mrs. Lynn Carollo – Booster Club president

4 CV Athletic Boosters Meeting on December 9 th, at 7pm in the Community Room. Sign up on athletic webpage for email reminders. Many fundraisers for all sports at CVHS. Prefer one representative from each team to participate in the Boosters. Reverse raffle coming up Feb. 27, 2010

5 Participation Requirements PTP form completely filled in and check or money order attached. You may also register online. NO CASH! Club sports (bowling and hockey) have different fees and do not qualify for free or reduced reductions. $41.00 for Free lunch and $84.00 for Reduced lunch (see website for forms)

6 Academic Policy MHSAA states that every student must pass 66% of their class load, which for CV students is 4 out of 6 classes. CV Schools state every athlete must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible. Any student lower than a 2.0, will be placed on weekly progress reports. New academic ineligibility period is 60 school days instead of a semester. (December 7 th )

7 Schedules for Contests All schedules can be found on You can also sign up with your email address or cell phone number for cancellations or postponements on this site. Directions to contests found here as well. See the handout at the door for more information.

8 Transportation No weekend transportation is provided by Chippewa Valley High School. Permission slips will be provided for weekend trips. Ninth grade basketball will pick up and drop off in front of the NGC. All other sports will pick up and drop off in the West lot, by the pool entrance. One way transportation may be used.

9 Parking for Events and Practices Please follow the law when dropping off athletes and parking for events. Only park in designated spaces! Do not park along fences or block receiving area, you WILL be towed! Please drive slowly in the lot and watch for students entering/exiting the building.

10 Admission Prices Family passes can be purchased for $50.00 for 20 punches. $4.00: Varsity and JV Basketball and Cheer $3.00: Swimming and Diving and Wrestling Children who have not started 6 th grade or younger are free when entering with an adult. All middle school students must be accompanied by an adult to purchase a ticket to events.

11 Spectators All spectators must have shoes and a shirt to enter contests. These must be kept on for indoor events. No artificial noise makers can be used at indoor sporting events per the MHSAA rule. Smoking or smokeless tobacco is prohibited on school property for all ages! Please remember sportsmanship is a priority at Chippewa Valley!

12 Parent Academic Responsibility Your childs academic success is the number one priority of the school district. Our coaching staff will assist you in monitoring your childs academic progress. The coaching staff may provide: Study tables for athletes on progress reports Weekly progress reports Speak directly to teachers concerning your childs progress Ultimately it is your job as a parent to closely monitor your childs progress.

13 Roles in Athletic Programs Student – Athletes: the individuals who wear the uniforms and participate in contests and games. Coaches: the professionals who implement a well articulated philosophy and direct the team. Officials: the professionals who wear a striped shirt and administer contests. Parents: the athletes biggest fans and supporters who come to contests and cheer. Please see brochure

14 Levels of Play Freshmen Level: a preparatory level within the program. Coaches are encouraged to play as many players as possible. The coach will focus on development of fundamentals and will teach a skeleton of the varsity system/philosophy to the athletes.

15 Levels of Play Junior Varsity Level: The most talented 10 th graders and talented 9 th graders capable of competing play at this level. Coach will increase intensity level of athletes, refine fundamentals, challenge players mentally and physically, teach more complex version of varsity system and have higher expectations. No guaranteed playing time.

16 Levels of Play Varsity Level: The most talented athletes in the program will play in the games/contests. No one is guaranteed playing time. The focus at this level is perfecting skills, high level of intensity both mentally and physically, an attempt to win games/contests.

17 Equipment Athletes are responsible for returning ALL of the equipment issued to them. The equipment must be returned in as good as shape as it was issued. They must return it immediately following the end of the season. The equipment should be clean. Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in the athlete being forced to pay for the replacement cost of the equipment. All diplomas will be held until the equipment or uniform problem is rectified.

18 Flu Season and Other Common Illnesses Take home practice clothing and equipment every week. Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer. Shower after practice! Communicate with your coach if you are feeling ill, dont infect the team! Bring your own water bottle. Eat properly; three meals and plenty of fluids. Get plenty of sleep!

19 Parent- Coach Communication See Chippewa Valley Parent-Athlete Guide. It is very difficult to accept your child not playing as much as you may hope. Coaches are professionals; they make the best judgment decisions based on what they believe is best for all student-athletes involved. Please do not address playing time, team strategy, play calling or other student- athletes with coaches.

20 Special Event Days November 24: Mandatory Athlete Meeting @ 2:30 Main Gym Nov. 25-29: Thanksgiving Break December 19-Jan 3: Christmas Break January 18 : MLK Day (No school) January 20-22: Semester Exams (half days) Feb. 15-19: Mid-winter break February 27: Snowcoming

21 Teams continuing… Wrestling: Cafeteria Boys Swim and Dive: Pool Classroom Girls Basketball: Community Room BOOSTER TABLE IN HALLWAY!

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