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3-1: Advantages of free enterprise

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1 3-1: Advantages of free enterprise

2 What is a Free Enterprise System?
Capitalism: economic system based on private ownership of the factors of production The system in the U.S. Consumers are influenced by the desire to buy goods/services that satisfy their economic wants.

3 Free Enterprise Definition: another name for capitalism; and economic system based on private ownership of productive resources. Individual choices are the basis of a market economy

4 More on Free Enterprise…
Other characteristics: 1. People can form their own businesses. 2. Businesses determine how to use their scarce productive resources. 3. Consumers choose which goods/services they will buy.

5 How a Free Enterprise System Works
Private property is one of the fundamental freedoms in a capitalist economy Open opportunity: the ability of everyone to enter and compete in the marketplace by free choice

6 Other Elements of Free Enterprise
Legal equality: this is when everyone has the same economic rights under the law Free contract: for voluntary exchange to work, people must decide which legal agreements they want to enter into

7 What motivates people to start a business?
The key motivator is profit motive: incentive that encourages people to and organizations to improve their material well-being from economic activities

8 Question 1. Explain the role of competition in a free market system.

9 Pet Rock Get into groups of no more than 3 people
In groups develop a new fad product Create an engaging description of the product Create a prototype of the product This could be a drawing or a model of the actual product Does your product meet consumer wants We will be presenting these to the class.

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