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By: Mrs. Young VocabMendel True & False DisordersPicture Clues MISC. $100100$100 100$100 $200200$200200$200200$200 $300300$300300$300300$300 $400400$400400$400400$400.

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Presentation on theme: "By: Mrs. Young VocabMendel True & False DisordersPicture Clues MISC. $100100$100 100$100 $200200$200200$200200$200 $300300$300300$300300$300 $400400$400400$400400$400."— Presentation transcript:


2 By: Mrs. Young

3 VocabMendel True & False DisordersPicture Clues MISC. $100100$100 100$100 $200200$200200$200200$200 $300300$300300$300300$300 $400400$400400$400400$400 $500500$500 500$500

4 $100 Organisms that have two IDENTICAL alleles for a particular trait are said to be ________.

5 $200 The factors that determine traits are called ___________

6 $300 This protective end part of the chromosome may be involved in aging and cancer

7 $400 When one allele is not completely dominant over another allele for that gene it is none as what type of dominance? Ex. Red Flower + White Flower= Pink Flower

8 $500 What type of inheritance is the following: black chicken (BB)+white Chicken (WW)= black & white specked chicken (BW)

9 $100 True or False? Gregor Mendels principles of genetics apply only to pea plants?

10 $200 True or False? Gregor Mendel used pea plants to study the inheritance of traits.

11 $300 True or False? Gregor Mendel concluded that traits are inherited by passing factors from parents to offspring.

12 $400 True or False? When Mendel crossed a homozygous tall pea plant (TT) with a homozygous short pea plant (tt) the offspring were 3 tall: 1 short.

13 DailyDouble (not true or false)

14 $100 MOST sex linked genes are located on which sex chromosome?

15 $200 How does nondisjuction cause genetic disorders?

16 $300 What type of disorder is ALD?

17 $400 A human with trisomy would have how many TOTAL chromosomes in their karyotype?

18 $500 Why is colorblindness more common in males?

19 $100 Which blood type is shown?

20 $200 Which of the 4 cells shows a healthy gamete cell x could produce?

21 $300 What ratio would result from the following Punnett Square?

22 $400 If individual III-2 marries a person with the same genotype as individual I-1, what is the chance that one of their children will be afflicted with hemophilia?

23 $500 Huntingtons disease is dominant. What are the chances that individual A will have Huntingtons? (assume both parents are homozygous)

24 MISC $100 A heterozygous organism is also called: Pure bred or hybrid

25 MISC $200 Blood type is an example of what type of dominance?

26 MISC $300 When roan cattle are mated, 25% of the offspring are red, 50% are roan, and 25% are white. Upon examination, it can be seen that the coat of a roan cow consists of both red and white hairs. This trait is one controlled by ____.

27 MISC $400 MANY genes go into human skin color and human height, these are known as what type of genetic traits?

28 MISC $500 Suppose an animal is heterozygous AaBb, and the traits are not linked. When meiosis occurs, what is the total number of possible combinations of gametes that can be made for these traits?

29 homozygous

30 genes

31 telomere

32 Incomplete dominance

33 CoDominance

34 False

35 True


37 False

38 A white rabbit whose parents are both white, produces only brown offspring when mated with a brown mouse. Is the mouse: Homozygous or Heterozygous? AND Dominant or Recessive?

39 What is Homozygous Recessive

40 X chromosome

41 Alters the chromosome number

42 X linked recessive

43 47

44 The allele for colorblindness is recessive AND is on the X chromosome

45 B

46 A

47 9:3:3:1

48 0%

49 100%

50 hybrid

51 Multiple Alleles

52 Co Dominant Alleles

53 Polygenetic Traits

54 4

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