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Room 108s Joke Book 2012 Sarah What is an ants favorite kind of movie?

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2 Room 108s Joke Book 2012

3 Sarah What is an ants favorite kind of movie?

4 Sarah A romMANCE ! Heh-heh. Get it?

5 Alida A rooster lays an egg on the top of the barn. Which way does the egg roll down?

6 Alida Roosters dont lay eggs!

7 Alyse Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

8 Alyse Because it was feeling crummy

9 Jacob What drink do wrestlers? like?

10 Jacob Fruit punch

11 Carly Why was the chicken afraid of the chicken?

12 Carly Because he was chicken!

13 Sophia Whats the best way to call a T-Rex?

14 Sophia Long distance

15 Kolin Why did the dog cross the road?

16 Kolin There was a delicious bone.

17 Ella How do hens stay fit?

18 Ella They always eggs-ercise!

19 Justin Why did Tigger look in the toilet?

20 Justin He was looking for pooh!

21 Preston What did the baby chick say when his toy broke?

22 Preston Cheap cheap cheap!

23 Cayla What did one tomato say to the other tomato?

24 Cayla Lets ketchup later.

25 Melody What did Delaware?

26 Melody A brand New Jersey

27 Traye What do you say if you dont do your homework?

28 Traye I cant get in trouble for something I didnt do.

29 Nicholas Why did the hippo eat his food?

30 Nicholas Because he was hungry.

31 Shayla What do cats like on hotdogs?

32 Shayla Mouse stered

33 ALDIN Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to school?

34 Aldin She had bright students.

35 Frank What does an old man do in a chair with wheels on it?

36 Frank Rock n Roll

37 Kylie What is a dogs favorite pizza?

38 Kylie PUP-peroni

39 Selena How do you make a tissue dance?

40 Selena Put a little boogy in it.

41 Gabby Why did the chicken go on the computer?

42 Gabby He wanted to play a game.

43 Simeon Why did the man dance in front of the bottle?

44 Simeon It said twist to open

45 Marc Why is 6 afraid of 7?

46 Marc Because 7 ate 9

47 Paige What do you call a very important pig?

48 Paige Big wig pig

49 Colin Why did the football go to the bank?

50 colin To get his quarterback.

51 Karina Whats black and white and read all over?

52 Karina A newspaper

53 Emilio What did the dad sheep say to the son sheep

54 Emilio It is time for your baaaath

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