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5 Themes of Geography Germany By: Ms. Hilton 10-1-05.

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1 5 Themes of Geography Germany By: Ms. Hilton

2 Location Germany’s absolute location is 51°N, 9°E.
Germany shares its boarders with Poland, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This makes up Germany’s relative location.

3 Place One of the major landforms in Germany is the Bavarian Alps.
When traveling through Germany, tourists will find many plateaus and forested mountains in the southern regions. For the most part, Germany’s climate is temperate. There are wet winters and summers.

4 Place Continued… About 38% of the population is Protestant, mostly in the north, and 34% is Roman Catholic, primarily in the south and west. Germany's contributions to the world's cultural heritage are numerous, and the country is often known as “The Land of Poets and Thinkers”. The official language of Germany is German.

5 Movement Germany is one of the World’s largest exporters. Some of the major materials they export are steel, cars, electronics and chemicals. The majority of Germany’s population is centered around Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. The reason for this is due to the many industries in those areas.

6 Regions Germany as a whole can be divided into three major geographic regions: the low-lying North German plain, the central German uplands, and in the south, the ranges of the Central Alps and other uplands.

7 Regions Continued… The Northern area is the focus of a major farming community. The area is also a major contributor in the transportation industry. The Central Uplands concentrate on producing vineyards and have a small focus in the industrial sector.

8 Regions Continued… The Southern Region is a big tourist attraction with the popular Bavarian Alps. This region is also a big contributor in the industrial industry. The population in Germany is over 80 million. The majority of the population is primarily German. There are over seven million non-citizens that reside in Germany. Immigrants have come from Turkey, Russia, Poland, Croatia and Romania.

9 Human-Environmental Interactions
Despite poor soil conditions, the Germans have adap ted to make their agricultural sector successful. The Germans also depend on Lake Constance, located in the Alps. This lake is a huge tourist attraction, which makes a lot of money for the German economy. Due to the heavy industrial sections, those areas tend to have heavy air pollution.

10 Bibliography The following websites have contributed to this presentation.

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