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Jefferson Becomes President

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1 Jefferson Becomes President
Chapter 8, Section 1 Pages

2 Building Background John Adams had not been a popular president Both Adams and Thomas Jefferson had played major roles in winning independence and shaping the new government. Political difference sharply divided the two men and their supporters. The voters in the Election of 1800 were also divided.

3 The Election of 1800 Federalists Democratic-Republicans
John Adams and Charles C. Pinckney Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr

4 Democratic-Republican
The Election of 1800 John Adams Federalist Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican

5 The Election of 1800 The Federalists (F) claimed that Jefferson was a pro-French radical. Also argued that Jefferson’s interest in science and philosophy proved that he wanted to destroy organized religion. Democratic-Republicans (DR) responded that Adams wanted to crown himself king. Also hinted that Adams would use the new created permanent army to limit Americans’ rights.

6 Election Results Jefferson and Burr had won 73 electoral votes each. Adams had 65 votes. Pinckney had 64 votes. The two candidates with the most votes became President and Vice President. The tie had to be broken by the House of Representatives.

7 Election Results When the vote was taken in the House the votes were evenly split between Jefferson and Burr. After days of voting, Jefferson won on the 36th ballot. This election marked the first time that one political party had replace another in power. 12th Amendment added to the U.S. Constitution – Separate Ballots

8 Jefferson’s Policies Jefferson’s style and ideas were different from Washington and Adams. Less Formal Wanted to Limit the Powers of Government

9 Jefferson in Office One of Jefferson’s first actions was to select the members of his cabinet. James Monroe – Secretary of State Albert Gallatin – Secretary of Treasury

10 Jefferson in Office Jefferson’s Initial Actions
Urged Congress to allow the Alien and Sedition Actions to expire. Lowered spending for the military Reduced the size of the Army and the Navy (7 ships) Maintained control on the size of government (low). Kept the National Bank

11 Marbury v. Madison Major Supreme Court case which defined the concept of Judicial Review Adams appointed “Midnight Judges.” James Madison (Sec/State) disregarded appointment letters. William Marbury sued Madison to get his Federal Bench appointment. John Marshall – Chief Justice ruled that the Marbury case was not one of the case types that the Supreme Court had the authority to review.

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