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Characteristics of Living Things

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1 Characteristics of Living Things

2 1. Living things are made up of one or more cells
Cells are small, self-contained units that are the building blocks of organisms


4 2. Displays Organization
The levels of organization include: Cells Tissues Organs Organ Systems Organisms

5 What is an organism? Any individual living thing

6 3. Living things grow and develop
An organism grows and develops by absorbing raw materials and processing them into new tissues and structures

7 4. Living things can reproduce
Living things produce new living things of the same type

8 ….reproduce Although a living thing does not need to reproduce in order to survive, life would quickly die out without reproduction

9 5. Living things respond stimuli (their environment )
  Anything in an organism’s environment that causes it to react is called a stimulus

10 …respond to environment
Light, temperature, odor, sound, heat, gravity, water, & pressure are all common stimuli

11 …respond to environment
Also includes a population’s adapting to a changing environment What stimuli are you responding to right now?

12 6. Living things obtain and use energy
Most plants obtain energy directly from the sun, whereas most animals get energy from chemical compounds in their food

13 …Energy Includes the intake of nutrients, the processing of those nutrients within cells, and the elimination of wastes

14 7. Maintain Homeostasis Organisms keep internal conditions stable through homeostasis

15 8. Adaption's evolve over time
An adaption is: any inherited characteristic that results from changes to a species over time

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