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Evolution Review Jeopardy Ch. 14Ch. 15Vocab & Misc. $100100$100 100 $200200$200200$200200 $300300$300300$300300 $400400$400400$400400 $500500$500 500.

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Presentation on theme: "Evolution Review Jeopardy Ch. 14Ch. 15Vocab & Misc. $100100$100 100 $200200$200200$200200 $300300$300300$300300 $400400$400400$400400 $500500$500 500."— Presentation transcript:


2 Evolution Review Jeopardy

3 Ch. 14Ch. 15Vocab & Misc. $100100$ $200200$200200$ $300300$300300$ $400400$400400$ $500500$

4 Most fossils form in this type of rock. A. Sedimentary B. Igneous C. Volcanic

5 What does the theory of spontaneous generation state?

6 . The length of time required for HALF of the radioactive isotopes in an element to decay is called __________

7 Which type of dating is the most accurate?

8 What affect has the break-up of Pangea had on the evolution of species?

9 Charles Darwin called the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in its specific environment __________.

10 Structures that are similar in appearance and function, but differ anatomically are _______________. (Ex. Bird Wing & Bat Wing)

11 Due to ___________selection, organisms near one end are more fit (ex. Finch beak size)

12 What types of structures develop from similar tissues in early development, but meet different needs in adults. (Ex. Horse leg, human arm)

13 Daily Double

14 The separation of populations by barriers such as rivers, mountains of bodies of water is called ________.

15 A population diverges and becomes reproductively isolated. This is best described by ________________.

16 Rapid growth in the diversity of an organism as they adapt to new conditions is: A. Adaptive radiation B. Evolution C. Ecological condition

17 A pattern in which species experience long, stable periods interrupted by brief periods of rapid evolutionary change is called ____________.

18 Similar Genes are evidence of: A. Mutations B. Different Anatomy C. Common Ancestry





23 Populations of animals separated by the break-up adapted to new environments and evolved into new species.





28 The human appendix & leg bones of a snake are examples of which type of structure?







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