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The Continuous Improvement Classroom

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1 The Continuous Improvement Classroom
Classroom Data Centers

2 The Continuous Improvement Classroom
Ground rules created by students Classroom mission statements Classroom and student measurable goals Quality tools and PDSA used regularly The Continuous Improvement Classroom Classroom data centers Classroom meetings facilitated by students Student-led conferences Student data folders

3 Classroom Data Centers

4 The best part of CI is that it tracks progress and tells us what we have to work on. I recommend it to teachers because it’s easy to do and helpful for the teachers and kids. Student

5 A Classroom Data Center
The graphic representation of continuous improvement Class-created ground rules, mission statement, goals, action plans, names/photos of students Charts & graphs that compare performance projections for classroom goals with current and past performance  In its most highly developed form, students use the data center to manage their own learning and truly become self-directed learners.

6 Classroom Data Centers



9 Third Grade











20 The graphs of our journal grades also help know how we are doing as a whole class. Our journals tell us how we are doing individually. Student

21 The Data Center is basically there to expand learning experiences and to help Mrs. Thompson help us. She doesn't just want us to memorize facts and formulas. She wants us to fully understand why we're doing it and to learn how so we can use it all the time. It's not just worksheet after worksheet, it's using tools to understand the concepts And I think the Data Center helps me feel like I am really learning and accomplishing my math goals and so much more! Student

22 Designing Your Table’s Data Center!
Create your table’s data center! Use the template (Worksheet L) first to design it, then use the tri-fold display board to create your table’s data center. Include the following components: Table Mission Statement Table SMART Goal Table Radar Chart What else?




26 Planning Your Classroom Data Center!
Complete the template that includes “placeholders” for your classroom data center Where will you post it? What will it contain? How will you use it? Worksheet L1

27 Worksheet L1

28 Worksheet M

29 What is your plan to implement a classroom data center?
Journal Writing… What is your plan to implement a classroom data center? Worksheet Q

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