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Enhancing Facilitation Skills Deb Preisser, Kim Owen, Julie Grotewold GWAEA.

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1 Enhancing Facilitation Skills Deb Preisser, Kim Owen, Julie Grotewold GWAEA

2 Challenges in Facilitating Groups-Results What to do about group members who: Are unaware of the effects of their behaviors on others Are resisting What to do about increasing my effectiveness in: Influencing the thinking of others Focusing attention

3 Outcomes Understand the many roles a group leader needs to assume when facilitating groups Learn group facilitation strategies that will help you lead various groups in your building

4 When leading a group, the one thing I hate…. Turn to your neighbor Share your experience Similarities, differences in experiences? Popcorn 5 things from large group

5 READ-SHARE- INQUIRE A, B Partners Individually, read section. A shares point, key point or connection B: And what makes that important to you? Alternate, repeat until finished


7 They anticipate the emotional and mental states of groups with which they will be working the room arrangements and physical materials required for task success their own emotional readiness and the internal resources they will need to stay focused and centered

8 They monitor group member nonverbal and verbal responses group member compliance with task and process protocols their own emotional resourcefulness

9 They recover when group members lose emotional resourcefulness when miscommunication and task or process confusion emerges when they lose their own emotional resourcefulness

10 Individually reflect, At a recent meeting, Example of something you/leader anticipated Example of something you/leader monitored Example of your/leaders recovery


12 Basic Strategies Silent Reflection Engages brain Provides platform to speak from Pair Share Addresses all styles All voices in the room Patterns of Interaction Diamond pattern Individual, pair, large group, pair, individual

13 Strategy Map Identify strategies used Identify strategies would like to learn more about

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