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Special Education Action Research Team. Kennedys Best Buddies Program.

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1 Special Education Action Research Team

2 Kennedys Best Buddies Program

3 PDSA Cycle Plan – Do – Study – Act (PDSA) Cycle guides the continuous improvement process for the action research team

4 Goal #1 for Special Education Team To establish a Best Buddies program in the Kennedy High School community.

5 Cougar Friends

6 Plan – Define the System There has been a need identified for the Best Buddies program by students, parents, and staff. The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. This will be accomplished by matching buddies with peer buddies.

7 One-to-One Friendships

8 Plan – Assess Current Situation This year baseline data will be collected to establish what is working in our pilot program and what will need to be adjusted for future expansion and success.

9 Plan – Assess Current Situation Kennedys Best Buddies program is directed by a student president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and a Best Buddies director who is representative of the special population. Currently there are 16 general education peers and 13 students with disabilities actively participating in the Kennedys Best Buddies program.

10 Plan – Analyze Causes Not enough opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in activities with general education peers in social settings to build mutual and meaningful one-to-one friendships.

11 Creating Opportunities for Friendships

12 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory Missy Berg, Best Buddies coordinator from Des Moines, visits Kennedys student government to inform students of ways to establish program. Selection of Best Buddies officers. Student representative sent to Best Buddies Leadership camp summer of 2005.

13 Coordinating Team

14 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory Student body notified of establishment of Best Buddies program through Channel One announcements and flyers. Student president of Best Buddies visits Mental Disabilities classroom to recruit potential buddies. Membership forms are collected and analyzed for compatibility with Best Buddies goals and values.

15 Time to Share

16 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory Student Best Buddies president and treasurer matched buddies and planned first Best Buddies social event to match peers. Best Buddies Matching party held on Wednesday, November 16 th from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Best Buddies Holiday party held on Wednesday, December 21 st from 3:00pm to 4:30 pm. Fundraiser planned for February and March.

17 Matching Party Holiday Party

18 Study – Study the Results Monthly interaction logs have been turned in for November and December. A minimum of four social interactions needed to be recorded per month. Student satisfaction surveys to be completed by all participants third term to determine areas of improvement needed and the overall satisfaction of the students involved.

19 Social Interactions

20 Study – Study the Results Still in the Plan/Do parts of the cycle for the other ideas.

21 Special Times

22 Act – Standardize Improvement Not to this point in the cycle yet.

23 Lasting Laughter

24 Act – Plan Continuous Improvement Not to this point in the cycle yet.

25 Special Memories

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