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Creating the Continuous Improvement Classroom Goal Setting.

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Creating the Continuous Improvement Classroom Developing Ground Rules and Mission Statements.

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1 Creating the Continuous Improvement Classroom Goal Setting


3 The Goal Setting Process Based on the mission statement, the class chooses one challenge area they would like to work on- this turns into a goal statement Students and the teacher develop an Action Plan to help accomplish the goal The class will decide on measures- how the data will be collected (tally, bar graph, run chart) There should be weekly evaluation of the data being gathered- data is publicly displayed Goals and Action Plans should be revised based on the data collected

4 Students must be able to understand and define appropriate expectations: State/District Standards IEP Goals Classroom Standards

5 Individual Conferences are held with each student (At this point Individual Student Mission statements have been finalized) Student have identified two or three challenge areas Students select one challenge area to develop for an academic goal and another challenge area for the development of a socialization goal ( e.g. developing a students work ethic, homework completion, or may be more specific behavioral goals)

6 The Process: Collaboratively: The student and teacher develop an action plan Decisions regarding how data will be gathered and recorded are determined at this point (tally, bar graph, run chart) Weekly evaluation of the data being gathered is reviewed and shared Goals and action plans are revised based on data collected

7 My Goals Name:_____________ Date:___________ Academic/Socialization Goal _________________________________ Action Plan: 1. 2. 3. Evaluation:

8 DEFINITIONS G oal – what you are seeking to improve I ndicator – observable evidence that the goal is being achieved M easure – the instrument or tool for assessing progress toward the goal T arget – the amount of improvement youre seeking

9 SMART GOALS S pecific, strategic M easurable A ttainable R esults-oriented T ime-bound

10 SMART GOALS Examples Within the next 2 years, reduce by 50% the number of students needing remedial reading assistance after 9th grade Reduce from 30% to 5% the percent of students receiving failure grades in algebra in the 2005- 2006 school year At the end of the year, all students will receive a score of 70% or better on the district administered writing assessment

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