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Moonwalk Unit 5 Week 5.

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1 Moonwalk Unit 5 Week 5

2 Genre – Science Fiction
Science Fiction is a story based on science. It often tells about life in the future.

3 Vocabulary Strategy - Synonyms
A synonym is a word that has the same or almost the same meaning as another word. Examples: staggered, stumbled

4 Comprehension Skill – Draw Conclusions
The small pieces of information in a piece of writing are called the facts and details. Facts and Details Facts and Details Facts and Details Conclusion

5 Comprehension Strategy – Monitor and Fix-up
Good readers think about how they’re doing as they read. Sometimes they realize they no longer understand what they are reading and can’t draw logical conclusions. It is a good idea to go back and reread slowly, or look ahead to try to find an explanation.

6 Loomed Rille Runt Staggered Summoning Taunted Trench Trudged
Vocabulary Loomed Rille Runt Staggered Summoning Taunted Trench Trudged

7 Loomed Appeared dimly or vaguely as a large, threatening shape

8 Rille A wide crack in the ground; a long, narrow valley on the surface of the moon

9 Runt Smallest; animal, person, or plant that is smaller than the usual size

10 Staggered Stumbled; become unsteady

11 Summoning Calling upon; stirring to action

12 Taunted Teased; mocked; jeered at

13 Trench Ditch

14 Trudged Walked slowly or with effort

15 Why did Gerry attempt the jump his brother made?
He knew he could jump farther than Vern. He wanted to do a gravity experiment. He did not want Vern to know he was scared.

16 What was the main problem in this story?
Vern got hurt and his suit was damaged. Vern and Gerry went out of the shelter. Vern always called his brother “Runt.”

17 What conclusion can you draw about the moon from information in the story?
The moon stays the same temperature throughout the day. The moon does not have air that the people could breathe. There are a few rocks and boulders on the moon’s surface.

18 Vern got hurt because he was --
Foolish Jealous Unfriendly

19 Which of the following is an important theme?
Electricity is needed to run a circulation pump Children have fun competing against each other Parents make rules to help keep their children safe

20 Vern was safe once he was back inside the shelter because it had --
Its own air supply and temperature control A spare moonsuit with a working battery A medical station with first-aid equipment

21 Which of the following generalizations can be made from information in the story?
Parents should keep track of their children. The moon is a dangerous place to live. Earth is far away from other planets.

22 How did Gerry’s behavior change after the accident?
After the accident, Gerry went from pretending to be tough to really being tough in order to save his brother’s life.

23 How did Dad probably feel when he returned to the shelter and saw the boys?
He was probably angry that they did not follow his directions. However, I think he would also feel relieved that they were able to get back to the shelter.

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