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Student Branch Fundraising, Activities, Events, & Recruiting

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1 Student Branch Fundraising, Activities, Events, & Recruiting
IEEE Southeastern Michigan Student Branch Officer Training Don C. Bramlett, PE, SMIEEE, FESD, FMSPE IEEE MGA Treasurer IEEE Region 4 Advisor IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section Advisor DTE Energy – Senior Project Engineer

2 Sections Cover Broad Scope Locally
Member & Geographic Activities Board Regions Section Sub-Sections Student Branches SB Chapters SB Affinity Groups Councils Chapters Affinity Groups Areas Geographic Unit Structure Technical Activities Board Divisions Parent Committees - WIE, YPs, LMC, Consultants Network IEEE Societies & Technical Councils

3 IEEE-SEM Section Map 4/23/2017

4 IEEE-SEM Section Student Branches
University of Detroit Mercy Michigan State University University of Michigan – Ann arbor University of Michigan – Dearborn Wayne State University Lawrence Technological University Oakland University Eastern Michigan University 4/23/2017

5 Planning 5 Ps Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance 4/23/2017

6 Fundraising Normally there may be four (4) different kinds of money the Branch may need to raise: Operating Funds - for continual expenses Seed Money – an “advance” for an event Subsidy Money – to reduce the cost for members Capital Funds – to buy things 4/23/2017

7 Fundraising (continued)
Sources of Funding: IEEE Allotment and Rebate IEEE Region, Section, Technical Societies, Chapters University – Department Head, Student Associations Local Industry Campus fundraising events or activities 4/23/2017

8 Fundraising (continued)
Considerations: Brainstorming is a good way to thinks of ideas Best Practices from other Student Branches Be aware of University Fundraising constraints Need to be careful not to tarnish the image of IEEE, the University and engineering, in general 4/23/2017

9 Fundraising (continued)
When asking outside sources for money: Donor must have funds to give (not everyone does!) Put the request in writing and include a brief budget Convince them of the merits of your cause and how their involvement with help both you and them Show them that your proposal is well-thought out and that you are soliciting form others as well Give them time to make a decision and then follow-up 4/23/2017

10 Event Planning Invite on-campus technical/professional speakers
Organize field trips to industry Enter design, paper, poster & website competitions Plan fun social events Conduct community service events Operate pre-university program events Hold Engineers Week program Plan an IEEE S-PAx 4/23/2017

11 IEEE-SEM Section Events
Conferences Spring Section Conference Fall Section Conference Technology for Humanity Conference Section Technical or Professional events/workshops Technical Society Conferences Chapters – 17 Chapters represent 24 Technical Societies/Councils Chapter Technical Meetings Affinity Groups – YPs, LMs, WIE, CN Affinity Group Meetings 4/23/2017

12 Who qualifies for IEEE Student Membership?
Undergraduate or graduate students taking at least 50% of a normal full-time course of study (going to school at least part-time) Listed below are some IEEE pertinent fields. These are important because it is from these areas that you most likely to recruit new student members. Engineering Computer Science and Information Technology Physical Sciences Biological and Medical Sciences Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Management, Law and Policy

13 Recruiting Student Members
Need to have a program of activities of interest to prospective new Student Members Need to publicize; get IEEE before students Need to make personal contact; ask students Need to have spirit and enthusiasm Need to make students feel welcome Need to listen to student needs Need to follow through with commitments 4/23/2017

14 Region 4 & IEEE-SEM Section Student Branch Support
IEEE Region 4 Student Activities Committee Chair Steven D. James – IEEE-SEM Section Chair, Student Activities Nevrus Kaja - IEEE-SEM Section Student Representative Samar Koda – Section website: Section Student Activities: 4/23/2017

15 Thanks for your attendance, participation and volunteerism!
Conclusion The End Have Fun!! Thanks for your attendance, participation and volunteerism!

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