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Brain Challengers!!!.

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1 Brain Challengers!!!

2 How to Use This Stuff Read each of the pages of this slide.
Choose an Internet site to go to. Click on it. Try your hardest at each of the activities. Think, think, think. Good luck!

3 Math Games This page is full of different math games.
Click on the name of any math game to play it. I really like the matching games the best! Click here: Fun Math Games

4 Chinese Tangrams Read all of the directions on the page.
Click on a set. Click on any number of any tangram. Use the pieces to try to make the picture. You can move or flip any of the pieces, but you must use them all to make the tangram. Click here: Chinese Dragon Tangrams

5 Sudoku Each row, column, and box have the numbers 1-9 only one time.
Use the numbers already written to help you figure out what numbers go in the blank boxes. You should NEVER guess. It will just make you mess up. Click here: Sudoku

6 Logic Puzzles Choose any of the questions on the page.
Read the whole question and think about all of the clues in the question. Write or draw on a piece of paper to help you figure it out. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to see the answer, but only after you have tried really hard! Click here: Cool Logic Puzzles

7 Optical Illusions These are just for fun! Click on any of the titles.
Look at the pictures and see if you can figure out the answer. These really trick your eyes! Click here: Optical Illusions

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