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This past summer the community advisors asked me to help put together a detailed plan for the playgrounds at MES. By detailed plan we need quotes, lead times, installation plans, and schedule/timelines. What I’m about to share with you is an update on our progress, we are still seeking funding for several of these projects. We need to complete this detailed plan before Oct, so that we can put in requests for funding. Introduce playground committee: Community Advisors: T. Clemons, Q. Thomas, R.Wietlake; Teacher representative: T.Jones; Parent Volunteers Brian Mellburg and M.Price I’d also like to recognize our school board representative Jeff Anderson & principle Dr.Davis for their continued support, and commitment towards making this possible.

2 Current South Playground Situation
Play equipment capacity for ~ 60 children Drainage problems near building Major sidewalks not connected Very little grass Pea gravel spread everywhere No shade Sloped landscape on west side Railroad ties need replacing Wooden play structure in poor condition and needs replacing Here’s a look at our current situation. targeting South playground, since MCBOE has plans to extend the bus lane in the front of the school. Planning on expanding the south playground and opening it up to all grade-levels. Fencing already moved to create wide-open spaces

3 New Playground Equipment
Project Lead: Timmy Clemmons & Tammy Jones CAPACITY : Up to 54 Children AGE: yrs. SIZE: 32’L X 37’W USE ZONE: 44’L X 49’W WEIGHT: 4,827 lbs. PLAYLAND MODEL PS KIDSPLAY MODEL New equipment to replace the wooden structure Currently have two quotes & seeking a 3rd from MCBOE suppliers. 8-10 week lead times – 17 Play Events Featuring: Deep Rung Arch Climber Chute Slide Cargo Net Climber Triple Rail Slide Lily Pad Bridge Open Spiral Slide Arched Bridge Wave Slide

4 Basketball and Soccer Equipment
Project Lead: Brian Mellberg & William Powell Plan to add two HEAVY-DUTY b-ball goals, one on the existing concrete pad and MCBOE is pouring a new 25 x 25 Pad for the second – two week lead times on goals Brian has approached local AYSO organization and they are willing to help with purchasing the goals.

5 Grade Appropriate Playground Supplies
Project Lead: Quintessa Thomas The ball packs are on order, considering other suppliers such as Jump Rope etc. Plan is to have at least two b-balls, footballs, soccer balls, kick balls, and jump ropes for each grade level.

6 Pavilion Project Lead: Richard Wietlake & Mike Price Plan calls for a 15 x 15 foot wooden structure with a blue metal roof, located in the center of the playground. Home Depot is helping build the structure as part of a community service project. Plan calls for a 15 x 15 foot pavilion, located in the center of the playground. Home Depot is helping build the structure as part of a community service project.

7 Future Playground Layout
New Sidewalk New Equipment New B-Ball Goals Pavilion Mulch/Juniper Soccer Goals Fencing Grass – Sod/Seed Jeff Road at the bottom, school in top right corner……

8 Irrigation / Sprinkler System
Unscheduled Projects Replace Railroad Ties Irrigation / Sprinkler System Need to identify a Project Lead Specify design / zoning / system Obtain quotes from MCBOE approved sources Present detailed plan and request funding Landscaping / Sod Include Trees, Juniper, Mulch, & Topsoil Unscheduled projects – need help Looking for volunteers with experience in irrigation and landscaping Realistically, these are spring/summer projects. However, we need to develop these plans NOW, so that we can solicit funding. So if you are interested…PLEASE get with myself or one of the other committee members after the meeting. Or visit the PTA website and contact Mrs. Edwards. In closing, we are very excited about the active projects that are underway and hope to make a difference in our children’s development both in and outside the classrooms. Thanks you for your time. Volunteers Please Contact: PTA VP Volunteers Lorita Edwards


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