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Great Awakening Dr. Christine Sears UA-Huntsville.

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1 Great Awakening Dr. Christine Sears UA-Huntsville

2 Talk amongst yourselves… Heres your topic: The Great Awakening was neither great nor an awakening. Discuss. Coffee Talk from SNL

3 1. Changes 2. Reactions and legacies Church of Christ, Wethersfield, CT, 1761-64

4 Mrs. Charles Willing by Robert Feke 1746 Winterthur Museum, DE

5 Jonathan Edwards, Princeton University Collection

6 George Whitefield

7 John Wollaston c. 1742, Granger Collection NY

8 Whitefield Journal published 1749 by Ben Franklin, Library Company of Philadelphia


10 Gilbert Tennent

11 Charles Chauncy

12 Hogarth, Credulity, Superstition and Fanaticism, 1762

13 So Great Awakening… Great? An Awakening? Talk amongst yourselves. Coffee Talk from SNL

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