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Washington D.C. Trip 2014 March 23 rd – 27 th 2014.

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1 Washington D.C. Trip 2014 March 23 rd – 27 th 2014

2 When is the trip?

3 Sunday, March 23 rd – Thursday, 27 th 2013

4 How do students and parents register?

5 On line registration Fill out registration form and mail it in Contact World Strides Customer Service Department On line registration Fill out registration form and mail it in Contact World Strides Customer Service Department

6 Deposit If you register before June 5, you only have to pay $49.00 deposit. After June 5 th it wil be $99.00 deposit.

7 Who is the trip designed for?

8 It is designed for Monrovia Elementary 5 th grade students and their parents, and/or grandparents ONLY –

9 Each student MUST have a parent or grandparent to register and accompany them for the entire trip.

10 When is the deadline for registering?

11 June 5 th to be eligible for $749.00 price

12 What does the price include?

13 Registration, meals, admissions, lodging, transportation, and insurance.

14 How is the program chaperoned?

15 Teachers and Parents MUST accompany each 5 th Grade student

16 Safety Concerns

17 *Safety comes first with World Strides * World Strides representatives are available 24 hours a day

18 Hotel rooms are monitored by World Strides night chaperones for hotel security late evening thru early morning hours. A security guard actually sits on our floor.

19 What if my child has medical problems or is handicapped?

20 No problem, since you or a grandparent will be there with them!

21 What hotels are used?

22 Recognized chain hotels such as Marriott properties, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Ramada, etc.

23 Hotels have been chosen for cleanliness, hospitality, and safe location.

24 What kinds of meals are provided?

25 Full American breakfast at the hotel or local restaurant, and lunches at food courts, dinner buffets, etc.!

26 What are parents payment options?

27 You will receive an invoice after registering and you may pay the balance in full or pay in regular installments.

28 Please note ALL payments are handled thru World Strides – NO MONEY COMES TO Monrovia

29 What about fundraisers?

30 If we have interested parents we can coordinate fundraisers. These cant get in the way of any PTA fundraisers.

31 If you are interested in organizing fundraisers and coordinating with other parents, that will be great. Please let me know ASAP!

32 What type of insurance does World Strides carry?

33 Accident-related dental - $750 Illness - $1,500 Per single occurrence for accident - $7,000

34 How much spending money should students carry?

35 As a rule of thumb $50 for souvenirs

36 Do students and parents get to choose their own roommates?

37 Yes, a form will be sent by WorldStrides for you to make room preferences.

38 Parents must room with their child; however, you may select another family to room with.

39 Transportation

40 Charter bus

41 Is there a waiting list?

42 A waiting list will depend on how many people register

43 Remember, it is first come first serve and once a bus is full, we will start a waiting list to fill the next bus*

44 Does World Strides offer refunds?

45 All registrants are automatically enrolled in the full refund guarantee program (FRGP). However, this program is optional.

46 Your 1 st invoice will reflect an additional $99.00 until you decline!

47 To opt out of the program check the box on the back of the registration form or send a written request to World Strides within 15 days of receipt of 1 st invoice.

48 If you have specific questions regarding our trip you may e-mail Mrs. Reasner or Mrs. White at

49 All billing questions will be handled through WorldStrides

50 Thank you for coming. We look forward in sharing a great trip in Spring 2014!

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