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Testing Schedule HR 8:15-8:25 Testing 8:30-10:00 1st Prd 10:00-10:25

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1 Testing Schedule HR 8:15-8:25 Testing 8:30-10:00 1st Prd 10:00-10:25
2nd Prd 10: 3rd Prd 12:05-1:15 4th Prd 1:15-2:25 5th Prd 2:25 3:35

2 Holocaust Key Facts Holocaust: systematic killing of 6 million Jews
Key person: Adolph Hitler Time prd: WWII Genocide: planned killing of a race of people How: 1. identified Jews with yellow star 2. took away rights/freedoms 3. gathered/imprisoned Jews in ghettos 4. shipped Jews to concentration camps

3 Concentration Camps Left Old, weak, young Sent to “showers”
Gassed to death cremated Right Workers Sent to showers Heads shaved Given prison clothes Tattooed with number Worked to death

4 Not Just Jews Killed Political prisoners Mentally ill Disabled
Gypsies, Poles, and others

5 After Survivors – no homes left
United Nations divided Palestine into Arab and Jewish “states” (countries) Israel became a Jewish nation

6 Read p. 169 CRCT Test Prep Answer questions #

7 Cold War Key Facts When: end of WWII – 1945
What: period of distrust and misunderstanding Who: between Soviet Union & U.S.A (and former allies) Why: Soviet Union was communist (strong central gov’t controls everything). U.S.A. believed businesses should be privately owned


9 Eastern Bloc vs. Western Bloc
Eastern (red) Western (blue) Soviet Union Most eastern European countries U.S.A. Most western European countries IRON CURTAIN

10 Germany Divided after WWII into 4 parts
1948: divided into West Germany (free) and East Germany (Soviet controlled) Capital – Berlin – divided into East Berlin and West Berlin 1961: Berlin Wall built to separate city

11 Fears Each side believed the other wanted to rule the world
People feared a nuclear war would happen Countries formed alliances for protection 1949 Western Bloc plus Canada formed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Eastern Bloc formed Warsaw Pact

12 Rise of the Superpowers
U.S.A. Soviet Union Democracy Free market Permanent seat on U.N. Security Council 4th most populated country in world Powerful military support from NATO Largest navy in world Military bases all over world CIA (spies) Large reserve of nukes Communist Socialist Permanent seat on U.N. Security Council Largest country in the world 3rd largest population in the world Military and space technology World-wide spy network (KGB) One of largest stockpiles of nukes in world Influenced communist countries and dictatorships

13 Collapse of the Soviet Union and German Reunification
Problem: Soviet Union spent $$$$$$$ Putting down revolts in its countries protecting its borders keeping up with the arms race against the U.S.A

14 1985 leader Mikhail Gorbachev
reduced gov’t control of business increased freedom for citizens

15 Result: improved relations with U.S.A.
inspired other Eastern Bloc countries to demand freedom

16 Nov 1989: Berlin Wall torn down
Germany began to reunify Germany was 1 country again in 1990 Cold War was over Soviet republics gained freedom from Soviet Union. Many new countries were made. Russia is the largest.

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