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Colonial Period 1500 - 1776 Early American Literature.

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1 Colonial Period Early American Literature

2 Native American Literature The earliest American Literature was composed by Native Americans. Much of Native American Literature was passed down orally. Native American tales were often mythological and/or folktales, such as Trickster tales.

3 Exploration Literature Once explorers began to travel to the New World, they chronicled their experiences in the form of diaries and letters home. Often, the diaries and letters were propaganda designed to increase settlers interest in the land.

4 The Puritans The term Puritan was applied to two groups of people who believed that: – 1) They should separate themselves from the corrupt Church of England or –2) The Church of England needed reform

5 Puritan Beliefs Predestination Covenant of Works Covenant of Grace Covenant of Redemption

6 Predestination God has chosen certain few of the elect for salvation. Unlike other Christians, they believed faith alone was not enough. Whether or not you were saved could be determined by your behaviorif you acted in a holy manner, it was assumed you were saved.

7 Covenant of Works God promised Adam and his progeny eternal life if they obeyed moral law. Adam broke this covenant.

8 Covenant of Grace Once Adam broke the Covenant with God, He created a new covenant with Abraham. Punishment for sins is considered a proper response to disobedience.

9 Covenant of Redemption Puritans believed that Jesus freely offered himself as a sacrifice on behalf of all people. God must accept Jesuss sacrifice as a representative for all people.

10 What the Puritans Did Established settlements in Massachusetts, including Plymouth and Boston. Influenced Americas system of laws and morals. Wrote in plain stylewriting unadorned with figurative language.

11 Salem Witch Trials In 1692, Salem, MA. experienced the witchcraft hysteria, which had been plaguing Europe for some time. Before the Salem Witch Trials ended, 185 people would be accused of the sin of witchcraft. Of those accused, 20 were executed. Arthur Miller wrote an account of the trials called The Crucible.

12 Puritan Literature Histories: William Bradfords Of Plymouth Plantation Poetry: Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor Sermons: Jonathan Edwards Biographies: Mary Rowlandsons kidnapping account Tracts: Increase Mather, Cotton Mather

13 The Scarlet Letter Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in Hawthorne descended from Salem Witch Trials judge John Hathorne (N. Hawthorne added the w for clarification in pronunciation). A sense of guilt over the actions of his ancestors compelled him to write many times on Puritan themes. The Scarlet Letter is set in the mid-1600s, during the Puritan era in Boston.

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