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Cultural Characteristics

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1 Cultural Characteristics
Latin America Cultural Characteristics GPS SS6G4a, b, c Describe the blending of ethnic groups, why Portuguese & Spanish are the main languages, and how literacy affects the standard of living

2 E.Q. How did European culture affect Latin America?

3 Define Vocabulary (p. 3) Mulatto Mestizo Literacy Standard of Living

4 Blending of Ethnic Groups
3 main races Native Americans (original group) Europeans (arrived 16th & 17th centuries, forced Native Americans to work as slaves –diseases killed many) Africans (brought by Europeans as slaves to replace Native Americans) Intermarriage created blending of cultures

5 Religion Mostly Roman Catholic
Blended with Native American and African beliefs Examples Santeria (Cuba) Day of the Dead (Mexico)

6 Problem Europeans often get best jobs, education, and health care
Other groups demand equality

7 Languages Spanish & Portuguese had colonies in the Americas & spread their languages Called “Latin America” because mostly “Latin” languages – covers Central & south America + Caribbean

8 Literacy & Standard of Living
89% in Latin America & Caribbean are literate Standard of living is often higher in countries where literacy rate is high Some countries believe it is more important for boys to get an education than girls Poor are often illiterate because their communities can’t pay for teachers and schools Cycle of poverty – can’t afford education, so only get low paying job. Can’t afford kids’ education… What are you doing with your FREE education?

9 CRCT Test Prep Reading maps and graphs Work with a partner
P. 35 questions 61-64 P. 38 questions 69-72 Due 15 minutes before end of period – checked and corrected!

10 Summary: Discuss with a partner and answer in paragraph form – ticket out the door – both partners’ names on one paper How did European culture affect Latin America?

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