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Review of Book—11 Odysseus visits the blind prophet, Teresias, as a shade in Hades. Odysseus’ mother is there, died of grief because of his long absence

2 The Odyssey—Book 12 Ody returns to Circe for advice
She warns of the Sirens: Birdlike women that sing so sweetly that all men jump overboard to be with them The Siren’s coastline is littered with the bones and rotting skins of men

3 The Odyssey—Book 12 Circe advises Ody to plug the ears of his oarsmen with beeswax Odysseus insists on hearing the Siren Song, so Circe tells him to have his men bind him to the ship’s mast


5 The Odyssey—Book 12 Circe warns of the monster Scylla
Scylla has 12 legs and 6 heads with 3 rows of teeth She takes one sailor for each gullet (toll)

6 The Odyssey—Book 12 Circe warns of Charybdis A living maelstrom that
swallows ships whole Odysseus wants to know how he can fight against these monsters Circe advises him to row, row, row…

7 The Odyssey—Book 12 Circe also warns Odysseus not to go to
Thrinacia, the island where Helios’ immortal cattle graze Odysseus decides to tell his men about the Sirens, but not to tell them about the other monsters WHY?

8 The Odyssey—Book 12 The trip past Siren Island goes as planned
Odysseus commands to be untied but his crew does not hear his pleas

9 The Odyssey—Book 12 Why? Did he not trust his sailors? Would you row past a creature that was sure to devour 6 out of 45 sailors? Odd are, three students out of this class would be eaten. As they near Scylla and Charybdis the men become afraid but Ody calms them with reminders of his guile with the Cyclops (neglecting to mention that this was all his doing)


11 The Odyssey—Book 12 Scylla snatches 6 good men (Epic simile—they are reeled up like mackerel) They bypass Charybdis and head towards home (Ithaca)

12 The Odyssey—Book 12 Hungry, the men disobey Odysseus and butcher the beeves (cattle) on Helios’ Island of Thrinacia Once again, Odysseus was sleeping when this act occurred MOO

13 The Odyssey—Book 12 Helios is angry and refuses to pull the sun across the sky until he gets restitution Zeus appeases him by striking their ship with a thunderbolt

14 The Odyssey—Book 12 The ship and crew are lost;
Odysseus is the lone survivor This episode ends the telling of his tale to King Alcinous Over 20 years after Ody left for Troy


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