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Preparing for the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing 7th Grade

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1 Preparing for the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing 7th Grade
Writing Basics Preparing for the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing 7th Grade

2 Four Modes Narrative – Tells a Story Descriptive – Describes
Expository – Explains Persuasive – Persuades an audience to act or think in a certain way

3 Narrative Writing Tells a Story Uses “dialogue”, but not excessively
Plot – Beginning, Middle, and End Setting – Focus on one Transitions: Next, Therefore, Afterwards Describe – use adjectives to help tell your story

4 Narrative Writing: Brainstorming
Good narratives take their time and do not rush through the action The DURING scene contains the “big moment”. The BEFORE scene begins with “ a person in a place doing something”. The AFTER scene resolves the action

5 Expository, Descriptive, and Persuasive
5 paragraphs Introduction with thesis Three bodies with topic sentences and transitions Conclusion In conclusion, Restate thesis Summarize each body in one sentence Wrap it up

6 Bing, Bang, and Bongo An essay is a group of paragraphs relating to one main idea. The bing, the bang, and the bongo is a method for organizing your thoughts when you write an essay.

7 Expository, Persuasive, and Descriptive Essays
Introduction (the bing, the bang, the bongo) Paragraph Two – The BING Paragraph Three – The BANG Paragraph Four – The BONGO Conclusion

8 Transitions The glue that holds your thoughts together.
Of all the holidays throughout the year, the Fourth of July is my favorite. I like the fourth of July because we always have good food to eat, because we spend time with family, and especially because we watch colorful fireworks. The Fourth of July is truly the best holiday First of all, my mom cooks the best food on the Fourth of July. We always have spicy, sweet barbequed ribs or chicken. My sister’s yearly request is golden corn on the cob dripping with butter. My dad must have creamy potato salad. However, my favorite item comes at the end of the meal—juicy, red watermelon. Yes, the Fourth of July meal is the best Next, it is always fun when my family gets together on the Fourth of July. Each holiday my uncles and aunts bring their families to our house. In the morning we usually go swimming in the lake behind our house or ride horses in the pasture. Afterwards, we have a big picnic with the whole family. Then my cousins and I get together for a game of baseball in the front yard. My family has a great time when we are all together Finally, I love to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. At night all of my family go downtown to the city’s annual fireworks display. We spread blankets on the cool grass and lie down facing the starry sky. Suddenly the night is filled with glory. Fingers of color explode overhead. Great booms and pops fill the night. We all watch in amazement at the beautiful sight. The fireworks are a great ending to a perfect day In conclusion, The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday. Eating good food, being with my family, and watching the fireworks make the holiday extra special. No wonder the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.

9 Expository, Persuasive, and Descriptive Brainstorming
Develop a thesis. Take the three points from the thesis (bing, bang, and bongo) and jot down ideas that can be discussed in the body paragraphs. Group and organize your thoughts in your brainstorming in the order that would be best for the body paragraphs.

10 Example Brainstorming
Thesis: Scooby Doo’s three friends who continually help him to successfully catch villains are Shaggy, Fred, and Daphne. Shaggy Fred Velma *Masculine figure *Uses strength to help capture villains *Supports Scooby’s decisions *Uses book smarts to get into the mind of the villain *Open to suggestions from others

11 Expository Explain Explain in DETAIL!!!!! 5 Paragraphs
Goal: 8 sentences per body paragraphs The body paragraphs count most in writing!!!

12 Descriptive Writing Describe using the senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste (choose three: one for each body paragraph) Avoid “I” or “You” if possible. Make the subject of your sentence be what you are actually describing. Have a clear focus – do not list. For example, choose two strong smells at a fair and describe them fully.

13 Persuasive Writing Three body paragraphs illustrate three reasons.
Each body paragraph should contain Stating of first reason (topic sentence) Examples of why/how Concluding sentence to sum up the paragraph Remember, your goal is a four. Decide whether you are for or against a point based on which point can be more convincing.

14 Persuasive Take a position.
Direct a particular audience (school board, mayor, etc.) Ask the audience to take action (to change their minds, their habits, etc.)

15 Last Minute Checklist A udience – Writing to whom?
P urpose – Which mode? O rganize – Brainstorm! W rite – in the correct format E dit – check for grammar & mechanics R evise – sentence structure, focus, and vocabulary U ltimate copy – Would this be a 4? P roofread – check for errors and understanding until the last minute possible

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