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Environmental Issues of Europe

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1 Environmental Issues of Europe
SS6G9: The student will discuss environmental issues of Europe. a. Explain the major concerns of Europeans regarding the issues such as acid rain in Germany, air pollution in the United Kingdom, and the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

2 Environmental Issues European nations have to deal with problems that have been causes by man. Factories, heavy traffic, and large populations produce pollution.

3 AIR QUALITY Air quality in major cities such as London are caused by overcrowding, factories, and heavy traffic. The air pollution affects the environment and the health of the people.

4 ACID RAIN Pollutants get trapped in the atmosphere. Many of these pollutants fall to earth again when it rains. These rains are filled with pollutants called acid rain. The rain can be very unhealthy and can damage the environment. It is a major concern in Germany.

5 NUCLEAR DISASTER Nuclear energy can be more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper than other forms of energy. But, it can also be dangerous. If it is not managed properly deadly radiation may be released. In 1986, a deadly nuclear accident happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Many people died from cancer and other sickness causes by the radiation. Wind spread radiation into other countries of Europe. Many people got sick and the animal and dairy products were contaminated.

6 Review Deforestation B. Pollution of the Great Lakes
Since many of the world’s largest and most industrialized cities are in Europe, what is of major environmental concern for European countries? Deforestation B. Pollution of the Great Lakes C. Air quality and water pollution D. Overfishing

7 Review A. Nuclear disaster B. Acid Rain C. Pollution D. Air Quality
When rain that has been polluted falls to the earth, it is called: A. Nuclear disaster B. Acid Rain C. Pollution D. Air Quality

8 Review A. Nuclear disaster B. Acid Rain C. Pollution D. Air Quality
Overcrowding, heavy traffic, and factories have caused poor __________ in Europe. A. Nuclear disaster B. Acid Rain C. Pollution D. Air Quality

9 Environmental Concerns
In Europe, farmers use almost half of the land for agriculture. When so much land is used for agriculture, groundwater, surface water, and sea water are all affected. Pesticides residues and nutrients used on crops run off into water sources.

10 Biodiversity Chemicals cause biodiversity loss.
Biodiversity is the living organisms in an environmental system. The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) made efforts to make some reforms.

11 Ozone Layer Air pollution comes from things like ozone (a byproduct of automobile exhaust and industrial production). Too much ozone negatively affects people’s health. Under the Kyoto Protocol, EU nations have agreed to a program to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

12 Global Warming Europeans are concerned about global warming, or climate change. By 2100, temperature are expected to climb 5.8◦C. European temperatures will probably be higher which will affect the availability of water, flood hazards, agricultural productivity, and natural areas. Water is needed for drinking and irrigation. Pesticides and nitrates from fertilizers cause water pollution.

13 Activity Students will choose one of three activities. 1 – Students will create a graphic organizer summarizing the information 2 – Students will create a poster to summarize the information 3 – Students will create a rap/poem/song to summarize the information

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