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What were the major events of the Cold War?

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1 What were the major events of the Cold War?
Essential Question What were the major events of the Cold War?

2 The Cold War Continues

3 Eisenhower Doctrine Elected president in 1952
U.S. would aid any country in the Middle East fighting communism

4 Nikita Khrushchev Soviet leader after the death of Stalin
Visited the U.S.

5 U-2 Incident May 1960 U.S. spy plane shot down over the Soviet Union

6 The Space Race Competition between USSR and US to control space
Kennedy committed to being the first nation to reach the moon

7 Cuba 1959 – Fidel Castro overthrew the Cuban government
His totalitarian regime was supported by the Soviets

8 Bay of Pigs Secret plan for Cuban exiles (backed by the US) to invade Cuba and remove Castro Many killed or captured when they landed at the Bay of Pigs

9 Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 – Khrushchev began placing nuclear missiles in Cuba US had placed missiles in Turkey

10 Cuban Missile Crisis


12 Cuban Missile Crisis Oct – Kennedy blockaded Cuba to keep Soviet ships carrying missiles from landing Both sides close to war

13 Cuban Missile Crisis The USSR agreed to remove Soviet missiles from Cuba The US agreed not to invade Cuba

14 Crisis in Germany Khrushchev demanded France, England, and the U.S. withdraw from Berlin Kennedy refused

15 Problems in Germany Many East Germans escaped communism by fleeing to West Berlin

16 The Berlin Wall Began building in August 1961
Became a large barrier guarded by barbed wire, machine-gun towers, minefields, dog patrols

17 The Berlin Wall

18 The Berlin Wall

19 The Berlin Wall

20 The Berlin Wall

21 The Berlin Wall


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