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SSCG8 and SSCG11 Review. bias A favoring of one point of view.

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1 SSCG8 and SSCG11 Review

2 bias A favoring of one point of view

3 caucus A meeting of party leaders to discuss issues or to choose candidates.

4 nominate Name candidates to run for public office

5 registration Process of signing up to be a voter

6 media Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.

7 Independent voters People who do not support a particular political party.

8 Political party An organization of citizens who wish to influence and control government by getting their members elected to office.

9 platform Statement of political party’s official stand on major public issues.

10 canvass Go door to door handing out information and asking people which candidate they support

11 Direct primary An election in which members of a political party choose candidates to run for office in the name of the party.

12 Split ticket Practice of voting for candidates of more than one party on the same ballot.

13 incumbent Someone who already holds the office for which he or she is running.

14 campaign A collection of all the efforts a candidate makes to win an election.

15 referendum Process where legislatures place a proposed law on the ballot to allow citizens to vote the law into effect?

16 precincts Voting Districts

17 propaganda A message that is meant to influence people’s ideas, opinions, or actions in a certain way.

18 recall Voting to replace someone in office is known as what type of election?

19 Democrats and Republicans 2 major political parties in the United States.

20 Must be 18 years old on election day, live in the state in which you will be voting, and a U.S. citizen What are 3 requirements you must meet in order to be able to vote?

21 24 th amendment Which amendment banned the use of poll taxes in election?

22 26 th amendment which amendment lowered the voting age to 18 years or older?

23 23 rd amendment Which amendment made it so that Washington D.C. residents were able to vote for the President and have electoral votes based on population?

24 19 th amendment Which amendment gave women the right to vote?

25 initiative Process that lets citizens propose laws directly. If citizens gather enough voter signatures, the law goes on the ballot to allow citizens to vote the law into effect?

26 26 th amendment Which amendment is associated with the Vietnam War?

27 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Further protected the voting rights of all Americans by reinforcing the 15 th amendment; outlaws voting practices such as literacy tests.

28 lobbyists Represent interest groups and communicate with officials?

29 November Presidential and Congressional elections are held in which month?

30 English laws and customs Colonists and early Americans got their ideas about voting from where?

31 advocate To support or promote?

32 Campaign financing How money is earned for political campaigns?

33 Interest Group Group of people who work to influence govt. about a set of issues?

34 Political views Person’s ideas about how govt. should run and how issues should be solved?

35 Political Action Committees Organizations that help interest groups raise money for campaigns?

36 Electoral College Group of people elected by voters in each state to elect the President and the Vice President?

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