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The American Revolution

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1 The American Revolution
Steps to a revolution The American Revolution

2 French and Indian War 1754 France and North Native Americans fought the British and Colonists. Battles were fought over the land along the Ohio River. The French won battle after battle. The British did not send enough soldiers to adequately fight a war.

3 French and Indian War The British attacked and defeated French Quebec; both generals were killed. The French lost the war in this battle. Peace Treaty signed in 1763.

4 French and Indian War Questions
What advantages did each side have during this War? What hierarchy existed along partisan lines?


6 Stamp Act 1765 Act passed that required all printed items to have a “stamp tax” Questions: What items did they tax? What items would be taxed today?


8 Townshend Acts 1767 New taxes from the British.
Tax on : glass, paper, teas, paints and other goods shipped to the colonies from Britain. Prime Minister Charles Townsend used tax revenue to pay for the colonial defense and governors and judges salaries. Question: How will the colonists react?

9 Arguments from the colonists:
Townshend Acts Arguments from the colonists: No taxes as they are not represented in the British government. Adopted slogan:, "No Taxation without Representation." Question: What will Britain do?


11 Boston Massacre 1770 Colonies protested British taxes.
Colonists yelled, threw snowballs and rocks at British guards. British guards fired into the crowd. 11 shot; 5 dead.

12 Boston Massacre Questions: Why was this called a massacre?
Why did the colonial court find the British soldiers “Not Guilty”?


14 Boston Tea Party 1773 Britain taxed tea.
British company had 3 ships full of tea in the Boston Harbor. Colonists (Sons of Liberty) dressed as Indians dumped the tea into the harbor.

15 Boston Tea Party

16 Boston Tea Party Questions:
Why did the Sons of Liberty dress as Mohawk Indians? What were two important effects of this incident? What consequence will Britain issue for the colonists? 1. First it helped to join the colonist together and second it upset Parliament Close the harbor.

17 Assignment Write a letter to King George concerning one of these events: Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre, or Boston Tea Party. Your letter must include details about the act, your opinion, and what you would like King George to do (i.e. you need to persuade)

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