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2 Advantages to Dual Enrollment
Academic Benefits One of the biggest advantages of dual enrollment is that students are able to experience the dynamics of a college classroom before actually entering college. This allows you to compare high school and college academic demands so that you may begin your first year of college with a working knowledge of what to expect.  Dual enrollment courses also are weighted the same as AP courses within your HPA.    Keep in mind, however, that some colleges may favor AP courses over dual enrollment in some situations related to admissions.      Time Saved Students taking dual enrollment classes also may save a great deal of time, as these classes offer a “two for the price of one” benefit. The time you dedicate to excelling in dual enrollment classes directly contributes to a college degree, allowing you to earn high school and college credits at the same time. Students who receive dual enrollment credit may also graduate early from college or be able to take lighter course loads throughout their college education. Financial Benefits Because dual enrollment classes are offered as part of a high school curriculum, students are able to attend college courses free of charge. The extra credit hours gained through this program also allow students and parents to save on college tuition costs down the road. Convenience Several dual enrollment courses are offered right here at Park Vista. This enables you to become familiar with the work load of a college course in the comfort of a familiar setting.

3 Disadvantages to Dual Enrollment
Time College classes come with more course material and more reading than what you may be used to. In addition to the time you'll spend on the more difficult coursework, you should also factor in commuting to class if your dual enrollment courses are at the PBSC or FAU campus.  Over committing yourself might not be the best idea. Rigor College courses are rigorous, and students can get in over their heads sometimes. College professors expect increased maturity and responsibility from students. Be prepared! By signing up for dual enrollment courses before you’re ready, you may end up with a poor college GPA.  Because college coursework is more rigorous, you should be sure that you're prepared to be challenged. Even if an instructor is teaching the college class on the Park Vista campus, he or she is usually required to have an advanced degree on the subject and will be teaching at the college level. For those taking classes taken at the PBSC or FAU campus, remember that you won't be treated like a high school student in your courses, so you'll have to perform above and beyond the usual high school expectations. Remember, grades in these classes carry over to your college transcript, so they will be with you for the rest of your undergraduate education. Potential Dangers Whenever you sign up for college credit courses, you are officially beginning your college career grades which will remain on your college record forever.  Low or failing grades in dual enrollment may negatively impact future financial aid, college admission, and major program of studies entry.

4 DANGER!!!!!!!! If your dual enrollment GPA is below a 2.0, you will not be admitted to any Florida public State University as a first time in college student (Freshman)!

5 FAQS Are dual enrollment courses considered rigorous?
As college-level instruction, dual enrollment courses are rigorous courses that represent one of the acceleration mechanisms by which high school students can advance their course of study and postsecondary goals. Dual enrollment faculty must have college-level teaching credentials and eligible students must prove college readiness evidenced by GPA and college placement exam scores. Will dual enrollment courses transfer to other colleges and universities? Dual enrollment college credit will transfer to any Florida public college or university offering the statewide course number and will be treated as though taken at the receiving institution. However, out of state or private colleges or universities, may or may not accept the dual enrollment credit, depending on the credit type, course, or the college’s own credit transfer policies.   It is important to check with the college or university you will be planning to attend regarding their rules and policies on transfer credits.  Is dual enrollment right for everyone? The dual enrollment program is an opportunity to take challenging courses and accelerate education opportunities. Students who successfully complete dual enrollment courses will save time toward their college degree and save money with free tuition and textbooks. Students should understand, however, that dual enrollment courses are college courses and the amount of work necessary to succeed in dual enrollment courses may be much greater than in high school courses. In addition, dual enrollment courses become a part of a student’s permanent college transcript and are calculated into the student’s permanent postsecondary GPA. It is important to do well in these courses to realize all the benefits of dual enrollment.

6 Eligibility Requirements
Have a minimum cumulative GPA or HPA of 3.00 or higher. Provide official scores on the ACT, SAT, CPT College Ready Scores (currently required for some courses - possibly required for all courses for Spring 2012 enrollment) SAT: Reading – 440, Math – 440 ACT: English – 17, Reading – 18, Math – 19 CPT: Reading Comp. – 83, Sentence Skills – 83, Elementary Algebra – 72 Receive a grade of “C” or better on all college coursework.


8 STEP #1 Complete Palm Beach State College “APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION” (in your packet). Dual enrollment students are not required to provide documentation of Florida residency nor are they required to fill out the residency affidavit, however, students must sign as either a Florida or non-Florida resident.


10 STEP #2 Take the completed application to the Admissions Office at Palm Beach State College where they will enter your registration into their system. Once you are registered, you will receive your PBSC Student ID # and Pin # by . Upon receiving this important information, log in to your PantherWeb account, activate your PBSC account (mandatory) and sign up for a dual enrollment advising session (DIRECTIONS CAN BE FOUND IN YOUR PACKET)

11 STEP #3 If you do not have an SAT, ACT or a CPT score, obtain a free CPT voucher from the Admissions Office at Palm Beach State College by letting them know that you are a dual enrollment student. You will then present this voucher and a valid photo ID to the Testing Center at Palm Beach State College where you will take the CPT. The Testing Center’s hours are Mondays and Thursdays 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Fridays 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. You can call for an appointment if you choose. Allow approximately two hours for the testing. If you have an SAT, ACT or a CPT score, proceed to the next step.

12 STEP #4 If you have already done a Dual Enrollment class before, this is where you will begin the process!!!!! Choose your class(es) on the Palm Beach State College website at: Make sure that you choose class(es) that you are qualified to take according to your test scores and the prerequisites for the course (see list of courses and requirements in your packet). Make sure to fill in all areas indicated by a star and include the course number and reference number on the practice course registration form (attached). Park Vista policy prohibits you from registering for a course before 3:15 p.m. Mondays – Fridays during the regular school year. There are no time restrictions during the summer session for dual enrollment. NOTE: If you would like a personal course advising appointment at PBSC, please call Let them know that you are a dual enrollment student wanting to set up an advising appointment.

13 STEP #5 Bring the practice course registration form (and your CPT scores if you took it) to your guidance counselor. They will complete the official course registration form. ** You must also pick up a printout of your GPA and test scores signed by your guidance counselor. **

14 STEP #6 Take completed official course registration form to PBSC’s Registration Office to obtain your schedule. At the same time you can obtain your PBSC ID card from the PBSC Campus Bookstore and your PARKING PASS from the Campus Security Office.

15 STEP #7 Return the PBSC schedule to PVCHS’ Guidance Department to receive your “book voucher”. Take your “book voucher” to Booksmart (NOT THE PBSC CAMPUS BOOKSTORE) located at 4469 S. Congress Avenue Suite 116, Lake Worth, FL, It is located on the Northwest corner of the intersection of 6th Avenue South and Congress Avenue directly across the street from PBSC. You must return your book to Booksmart at the end of the college semester and present the receipt to the Guidance Department.

16 Important Information
Your grade from PBSC will be sent directly to Park Vista at the end of the college semester. It will be entered into your academic record but will not be shown on your School District of Palm Beach County report card. You must earn a “C” or higher in the present dual enrollment course to be eligible for future dual enrollment courses.

17 If you decide to withdraw from a dual enrollment class, you must do so during the drop/add period. You will not be withdrawn after the final date provided by the college. Last Day for Summer: June 23 (Summer B) Last Day for Fall: August 25 In order to receive the dual enrollment credits as college level credits, you are reminded that upon high school graduation you must request PBSC to forward your official PBSC transcript to the college or university into which you enroll.

18 Keep in mind that the academic calendar for Park Vista may not match that of the college. The fact that Park Vista is not in session does not guarantee that college classes will be cancelled as well.

19 Dual Enrollment Assembly for Students
Students will attend a dual enrollment assembly on April 8th where they will receive the dual enrollment information packet. Students who indicated dual enrollment on their PVCHS course registration sheet will automatically receive a pass to attend. Students who are interested in summer dual enrollment classes need to sign-up for a pass to attend the assembly. Sign-up is in the guidance office before or after school or during lunch.

Forms Due to PVCHS Counselor by April 15th (Summer B) or May 13th (Fall) **No exceptions will be made - PVCHS counselors will not be available during the summer** Summer 2011 Registration begins April 21 Fall 2011 Registration begins July 28 The earlier you register, the better your chances will be of getting into the course and time of your choice!!!!

21 Note: Students will be meeting with counselors starting April 19th as part of the Park Vista registration process. Students taking dual enrollment for the fall will receive the Dual Enrollment Permission and Registration Form at that time. Students who are taking summer classes need to come to guidance to meet with their counselor before this in order to meet the summer registration deadline.

22 CAUTION!!! The website is a scam. The correct web address is

23 Please see your guidance counselor if you have any questions
GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Mr Tarini A-Da Mrs. Tyler De-I Mrs. Turner J-M Mr. Dewalt N-Se Mrs. Lyon Sf-Z Ms. Bicknell 504 Plan Students GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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