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2 Presented By Thomas Hogarth Victor Chodora

3 History Pre-June 1, 2004: there existed design criteria for mechanical (HVAC & plumbing), electrical (power & systems), and civil. All three documents where in a different format. June 1, 2004: the current DDC documents where issued, including architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural. All documents in the same format with and index.

4 History SUMMER 2005: Planned released of updated DDC, so get your request in now.

5 Purpose Of Document The document is designed to express the district requirements in construction of new schools, modernizations, additions, and renovations. These requirements are based on past experiences but also contain incorporation of new technologies, products, and design concepts.

6 Sample DDC Text 12. Golf Cart Storage/Charging Area a. Locate Golf Cart Storage/Charging Area in a location near the Central Receiving Area. b. Provide proper electrical connections for charging of carts, coordinate with Electrical Engineer. c. Provide the required ventilation for the charging of carts and or storage of flammable material, coordinate with Mechanical. Engineer. d. Locate in an area convenient to exterior and roads or sidewalks. e. Check Educational Specifications for number of charging stations and storage capacity.

7 Use the Index Each document has an index. The index is linked to the document. If you left click with your mouse, the program will take you to that spot in the text. file/bd/html/Criteria.htm

8 Documents Architectural Building Requirements Outdoor Athletic and Play Fields Site Requirements Covered walks, signage, site design, etc Casework/Cabinets Materials, entry, circulation, etc Thermal and Moisture Protection

9 Documents Civil Site Surveys and Geotechnical Reports Site Access Storm Water Management Pavement Requirements Curbs and Sidewalks Play and Sports fields Water Utilities

10 Documents Electrical Power Distribution System Lighting Switching Receptacles General Requirements Electrical Systems

11 Documents Mechanical HVAC Design Criteria What HVAC Calculations are required Balancing and VAV Box selection requirements Forms for Calculations, balancing, and VAV selection procedure

12 Documents Plumbing Piping Systems Components Specific Room Requirements Relationship to Mechanical equipment Fire Sprinkler System

13 Documents Structural General Structural Requirements Threshold Buildings Load Requirements Concrete, Masonry, and Metals

14 Where to Find Documents These documents are located on our web site along with the District Master Specifications. Look under Building Department of Facilities Managements home page.

15 Where to Find Documents

16 How to Request a Change Follow instruction in procedure for Proposed Changes to District Master Specifications. Complete form and submit to Victor in the Building Department. Prefer request be attached to email,

17 How to Request a Change Submit request at any time, if substantial will issue addendum, otherwise change becomes effective next addition. Plan is for annual updates.

18 DDC Change Request Form

19 Other Documents Used With Design Criteria Educational Specifications District Master Specifications Building and Fire Codes

20 Recently Revised Procedure Shop drawings procedure recently revised to include required product approval list. Shop drawing matrix expanded to include additional shop drawings as well as the required product approval information. Matrix indicates if A/E is to review and sign prior to Building Department review. Matrix indicts which plans require signed and sealed drawings.

21 Shop Drawing Matrix

22 Other Useful Documents Other useful Information on our web page: Check list Interpretations Procedures

23 Home Page Bldg. Dept. Home Page

24 TCO Procedure Just a reminder with summer coming and the need to open schools, we have a process for TCO along with a check list. Copy of the check list is available on our web site. file/bd/bin/pdf/TCOchecklist.pdf


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