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Intro to PowerPoint See How Easy It Can Be to Produce a Quality Presentation!

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2 Intro to PowerPoint See How Easy It Can Be to Produce a Quality Presentation!

3 Your first Experience? If you are new to PowerPoint heres just a couple of things to remember. Everyone has to start somewhere and nothing can be gained by giving up. There are many who have gone through this before you, and luckily, we can all benefit from their hard work.

4 Are you ready? Todays kids are ready. Are you doing your best to provide them with the materials they need in the formats they desire?

5 Know Your Audience Your presentation can be very powerful, but dont overdo it Try and break your material into digestible nuggets The software can help you make the material flashy, but only you can make it real to the students

6 Think, Explore, Decide Once you have a general idea for your presentation, your first step can always be to search for pre-existing materials. The internet affords us the luxury of instant collaboration! A simple search of Google can provide a veritable treasure chest of excellent presentations on just about any topic! Click on the web for a big head start

7 A Little Effort Can Go a Long Way Join us for an introductory lesson Turn on your creative juices Become familiar with the PowerPoint environment Become acquainted with toolbars that can be used to add pizzazz to normally boring presentations

8 Here We GO! Once you have your topic, and some ideas…. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Where you go from here is up to you, but we will try and provide you with some ideas that have worked for us

9 Simply Add Spice to Your Notes You can either present your information as notes or add reinforcing add-ons! What is a cat ?

10 Or Go All Out Either way, youll need to know some of the basics… In order to be able to do cool stuff like….

11 Big Explosion 1. Creating Special Effects Can Be As Easy As 2. 3.

12 Now You See It Dont Or Be Creative With the Slide Show> Custom Animation>Effects Choices

13 The Menu Toolbar File > New - to open PowerPoint template Slide Show>Actions Buttons, Custom Animation, Slide Transitions, Record Narration, Rehearse Timing Edit> Object - to recolor a clipart picture View>Toolbars - to open toolbars that dont appear in the program Insert> Picture, Clipart, AutoShapes, Sounds, Media, Movies, Play CD, or Record Sound, Slides from Files Format>Background, Bullets, Slide Color Theme, Slide Layout

14 Using Templates To use a Template, you can open it before starting your presentation (File>Open) Navigate to the Template folder and select the template you wish to use. As you add new slides, they will be automatically formatted with the Template theme. You can also apply a Template by selecting Format> Apply Design Template.

15 Using Backgrounds You can add a Background to one or all of your slides or add different backgrounds throughout your presentation. To add a Background to your slide, click Format> Background to bring up the Background dialog box. Click the down arrow (highlighted with red), then choose fill effects. Select the Picture tab, then click the select picture button to navigate to the Background folder.

16 The Drawing Toolbar Draw Options: Grouping, Order, Align/Distribute, Rotate/Flip Free Rotate: Rotates Objects 360 degrees AutoShapes: Lines, Connectors, Shapes, Arrows, Flowcharts, Callouts, Action Buttons Arrow Rectangle LineCircle Text Box WordArt ClipArt Fill Line Color Text Color Line Style Dash Style Arrow Style Shadows 3D

17 Action Buttons Are Great Enhancers to a Presentation To create Action Buttons, click on AutoShapes on the Drawing Toolbar, then select Action Buttons.

18 Action Button Options Custom Previous Slide Return Home Next Slide Document Help Beginning Slide Sound Information End Slide Movie There are many different Action Buttons to choose from. The next activity will deal with the Sound Action button.

19 Using Action Button to Open Sound Files Action Buttons are not only used to navigate from slide to slide, but can be used for many other functions. This is an example of an action button that when clicked on, opens a audio sound file.

20 Using Action Buttons, AutoShapes, and Creativity Can Spruce Up a Presentation Donkey Sound Elephant Sound

21 Creating A Customized Action Button First create or insert the button you wish to use (the button shown on the previous slide is included on the CD). Click on the button to select it, then click Slide Show on your Standard Toolbar, then select Action Setting. Navigate to your folder where your sound is located and select it.

22 Adding AutoShapes You can add shapes by clicking on the AutoShapes button on the Drawing Toolbar and selecting the shapes submenu You can also Open the AutoShapes dialog box by clicking Insert>Picture>AutoShapes Lines Connectors Basic Shapes Block Arrows Action Buttons Callouts Stars and Banners Flowchart More AutoShapes

23 Appearance of Clipart/Removing White Background To remove white backgrounds in clipart, first select the picture by clicking on it. Display the Picture Toolbar (View>Toolbars>Picture). Click the Set Transparent Color button (outlined in red), then click in the white are of your picture. Wa-lah!!! The picture blends in much better now.

24 Changing Clipart Color It doesnt take much to make me happy, however there are times when I would like to change the look of my graphics. Select the clipart picture you want to use. I am going to give a new look to the construction worker shown below. While your clipart is selected, click Edit, then select Picture Object. This will break your picture apart to color. Click Yes when prompted to convert to Microsoft Office drawing object.

25 Fill Color Options Click on the Fill Color arrow to display the fill color options menu. I definitely need a new look!!!! Click on Fill Effects to give your clipart a different color, gradient, texture, pattern, and picture fills.

26 Customized Clipart Fill Options Used: –Pattern Fill on Shirt –Texture Fill on Pants –Changed Color on Shoes –Gradient Fill on Hat –Gradient Fill on Newspaper –Changed Eye Color to Blue Yes, you can even make your brown eyes blue!!!! Ooh, la-la!! Thats a whole lot better!!

27 Using a Picture Fill With WordArt

28 WordArt Picture Fill Click on the WordArt button on the Drawing Toolbar. At the WordArt Gallery dialog box, select the style you want to use. Click OK to close the WordArt Gallery dialog box. Click on the WordArt to select it. Click on the Fill button on the Drawing Toolbar. Select the Picture tab. Click the browse button to navigate to the folder where your picture can be found (I used the American flag for my picture fill).

29 Combining Animated Graphics and Sound

30 Inserting Cute Animated Graphics is as Easy as Clicking a Mouse 3.htm 3.htm

31 Sound Files There are several different sound files that can be used in PowerPoint: –Midi-a standard for representing musical information in a digital format which can only be placed in PowerPoint through the Insert Menu on the Standard Toolbar (Insert>Sound>From File) File Icon: – Wav-is an audio file format that is commonly associated with a voice component (song, sentence, etc.) Can be placed in slide through the Insert Menu or Slide Show>Custom Animation Menu. File Icon: (The song on this slide is a midi file) (The next slide contains a wav file)

32 Adding Custom Sounds Makes Presentations Unique Through the Slide Show>Custom Animation menu, inserting sounds can be a snap. Just click other sound from your drop down menu, and you now have a sound that is not normally found in PowerPoint. Cool huh!!!!

33 How to Put Custom Sounds in Your Custom Animation Drop Down Box From the Menu Toolbar, select Slide Show> Custom Animation to open the Custom Animation dialog box shown below:

34 Whats another name for a young bull? A COWBOY You can cut off ever hair in my head, but I aint telling you ding, didly, ding, didly, ding, dang, dong!!! Examples of Custom Sounds and Custom Shapes Coupled with Custom Sounds

35 Enhancing Presentations Using Web Authoring Software Macromedia Fireworks –Lets users import files from all major graphics formats and manipulate both vector and bitmap images to quickly create graphics and interactivity –Touch up photos with Replace Color and Red Eye Removal tools –Creates animated graphics with little effort

36 Enhance Presentations Using Movies Created in Flash Two of the most powerful features in Flash: –Motion Tween Objects to create movement –Shape Tween Objects to change objects from one shape into another, also called morphing

37 Instructions for Placing a Flash Movie in PowerPoint: Click File on the Menu Toolbar in Flash, and click Export Movie Make sure you select Windows AVI as the file format Click Insert on the Menu Toolbar in PowerPoint>Movies and Sounds>Movie from File

38 Now That Youre An Expert… Well maybe not an expert quite yet, but we hope that you can at least see the potential for adding a personalized touch to present to your students As you can see, there are more ways to customize and spice up your presentations and more details than we can possibly cover in the time allowed Please use this information to go forward and use your creative side to bring some animation into your life.

39 There Is Room For Everyone… Whether you just want to: find some of the wonderful resources that are out there… Build on or enhance your presentations…. Or, Become An Artistic Master… PowerPoint, sometimes in cooperation with Flash, and Fireworks can provide you countless ways to drive home the information that our students need in a way that they enjoy

40 If you have Questions for Us JUST KIDDING!!!! Were all just an E- mail away.

41 Presenter E-mails Janann Nicholson Nicholj@palmbeach.k12.fl Nicholj@palmbeach.k12.fl Sandee Fleming Jonathan Decker

42 Thanks For Attending ENJOY the remainder Of the presentation and your day

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