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JUNIOR INFORMATION NIGHT Palm Beach Central High School February 15, 2011 Presented by the Guidance Department.

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1 JUNIOR INFORMATION NIGHT Palm Beach Central High School February 15, 2011 Presented by the Guidance Department

2 Meet Your Counselor A-C : Ms. Russell D-I : Mr. Boettcher J-Mi : Mrs. Mills Mo-R : Mrs. Barrett S-Z :Mr. Colarulli ESOL/ESE: Mrs. Torres

3 How Can My Counselor Help Me? Review college plans Assist with general questions Clarify application questions Guide you toward resources Complete school report form

4 Graduation Requirements 24 credits required Pass FCAT Reading and Math with 300 each 2.0 GPA on all courses 20 hours of community service

5 Course Requirements English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits Science – 3 credits (Physical, Biology, Elective) Social Studies – 3 credits (World History, American History, Government/Economics) Personal fitness / P.E. Elective – 1 credit Fine Arts – 1 credit Electives – 8 credits Universities require 2 consecutive years of a Foreign Language.

6 Grade Point Average for Graduation 2.0 GPA in all credits attempted Competitive universities require 3.5 and higher Most recalculate you GPA/HPA

7 Palm Beach Central High School Code 101844

8 College Entrance Exams All college bound JUNIORS were advised to take the PSAT last October and should take the SAT and/or ACT between January and June 2011. SAT and ACT Spring dates: - SAT: March 12, May 7, June 4 - ACT: Feb. 12, April 9, June 11

9 College Entrance Examinations Scholastic Achievement Test SAT Critical Reading, Math, and Writing sections Maximum Score of 800 in each section Minimum requirement (Excluding Writing) State Universities: 1150 Community College: 890 American College Testing ACT Verbal, Math, Reading, Science Optional Writing Section Maximum Score of 36 Minimum requirement (Excluding Essay) State Universities: 24 Community College: 18-19

10 What are SAT IIs? Subject-area tests – 1 hour length Same registration procedure as SATs Required for entrance at some colleges - Register early! Required for course placement at some colleges ACTs sometimes substitute for SAT IIs Check college application requirements

11 SELECTING COLLEGES Safe Schools Match Schools Reach Schools Maximum 5-7 schools total

12 BEST Colleges Individual choices Considerations - Academic needs - Personal needs - Social needs

13 BEST College Tools Websites Guides to Colleges/Universities College/University catalogs Campus visits and interviews College representatives College Nights and Fairs - County-sponsored – usually mid October - Check or for updates

14 College Admissions Criteria Academic achievements - Challenging Courses - Weighted GPA - Test Scores - Essays Teacher recommendations School/Counselor recommendations Leadership and extracurricular accomplishments Special talents

15 Application Options REGULAR DECISION - Due in January/February -November is recommended! -UF is November 1 EARLY ACTION - Due in November - Response in December EARLY DECISION - Due November 1 - Response in December - Binding decision; You must withdraw other applications

16 Community College Planning Testing Option…………….College Placement Test Fee………………………….$25 Content…………………….Reading, English, Math 2 + 2 PROGRAM in Florida: Freshman/Sophomore Year at Community College Junior/Senior Year transfer to University

17 AA Degrees A student with an AA degree is guaranteed admission to the State University System (not necessarily university or degree program of choice) Acceptance of 60 credit hours toward BA/BS degree Junior standing at university 51% of BA/BS degree recipients in state universities are Community College transfers!

18 Continue Planning Make a list of college choices Review your list with your family Review your list with your counselor RESEARCH!

19 Campus Visits Set up appointment with Admissions Office Call one week in advance and visit when school is in session Ask to meet with faculty and financial aid, take a campus tour Arrive on time, notify if need to cancel Allow for time to explore

20 Things to Avoid Letting others make the choice for you Procrastination and waiting too long to apply Deciding not to apply because you think you would not be accepted

21 Letters of Recommendation Determine who to ask -Applications may specify -Knows your work and potential Give teachers 3 weeks to prepare letters Give teachers your resume, forms needed, and stamped, addressed envelopes Remember to thank the teacher!!

22 Counselor Recommendations Meet with your counselor Give counselor your resume and the counselor forms with stamped, addressed envelopes Provide counselor with additional information Determine mailing date Counselor will mail to college

23 Meet with your Counselor September – October 2011 Discuss post-graduation plans Discuss Financial Aid options Create a plan and timeline

24 IMPORTANT DEADLINE All Counselor Recommendation forms are Due to your Counselor NO LATER than NOVEMBER 15

25 Transcripts Transcripts require 48 hours to process Private and out-of-state universities and scholarship applications require paper transcripts Must provide complete address for all out of Florida College/University Electronic transcripts are NOT fast! – 3-5 days for University processing Fees: In County (hard copy) - $1 Out of County (hard copy) - $3 Electronic - $1

26 To Request a Transcript Complete a request form Submit the form and payment to Ms. Zaretsky The transcript will be mailed to your college Electronic transcripts go directly to the college

27 NCAA Requirements Athletes must apply through the NCAA Clearinghouse Contact the NCAA website Submit transcripts and test scores as required

28 BRIGHT FUTURES Apply online after December 1 senior year Florida Academic Scholars Award -3.5 GPA, 1270 SAT or 28 ACT, 75 hours community service Florida Medallion Scholars Award -3.0 GPA, 980 SAT or 21 ACT Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholar Award -3.0 GPA, 880 SAT or 19 ACT or CPT scores -Complete a 3 course vocational program in H.S.

29 Scholarships University- Honors, Fellowships Federal- National Merit, National Achievement Private- agencies, companies, organizations

30 Types of Financial Aid Grants Loans Scholarships Work Study

31 When Filing the FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid DO NOT file before January 1st senior year A workshop is held in January/February of senior year

32 Once again………… Palm Beach Central School Code for SAT/ACT 101844

33 Internet Resources www.PALMBEACH.K12.FL.US

34 Senior Year September -Meet with counselor -Begin applications -Request teacher recommendations October -Study to maintain grades!! Request transcripts -$1 or $3 fee Write essays -re-write essays Visit colleges Search for Financial Aid

35 Seniors Responsibilities Give counselor forms to counselor - Include stamped envelopes - Addressed to colleges - Use Palm Beach Central return address Give teacher recommendation forms to selected teachers (include stamped, addressed envelopes) Write and revise essays Meet deadlines for college application forms Request transcripts Work hard, have fun, and graduate!!

36 WARNING! Admission directors warn that Senioritis may be hazardous to your educational health. Colleges and universities may rescind their offer of admission if you do not follow through with the expected course work and maintain your grades. It is recommended that you continue to take the most rigorous course work throughout your senior year in order to be the most prepared for college work.

37 Those who FAIL to PLAN, PLAN to FAIL… Good Luck, Class of 2012!!!!!!

38 See Your Counselor for Assistance.. Were here to help!

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