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S L A N T A Starter Strategy for Class Participation.

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2 S L A N T A Starter Strategy for Class Participation

3 S = Sit up L = Lean forward A= Activate your thinking N =Name-key information T=Track the talker

4 The Steps of the S L A N T Strategy Step 1 : Sit up Examples : Upright posture but relaxed Non-Examples: Head on desk or Slouching in chair

5 Step 2 : Lean forward Examples: Leaning forward slightly Non-Examples: Leaning backward or exaggerated forward lean

6 Step 3 : Activate your thinking Examples: Asking yourself questions: What is this about ? What do I need to remember? Answering your questions:This is about ___. I need to remember __. Asking the teacher when you dont understand.

7 Non-Examples: Talking to others during class, playing with objects, doodling, and not doing anything when you dont understand

8 Step 4 : Name key information Examples: Answering the teachers questions, sharing your ideas or comments, and adding to others statements Non-Examples: Keeping your knowledge to yourself when you could help others understand it and/or ridiculing other students comments

9 Drumroll Please…...

10 Step 5 : Track the talker Examples: Keeping your eyes on the teacher as she speak or looking at students as they speak Non-Examples: Staring out the window or looking at your desk or students who arent contributing

11 These are the keys to Success ! By Tiffeni

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