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Six Categories Complications Setting Who said it? Vocabulary Characters Meg.

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4 Six Categories Complications Setting Who said it? Vocabulary Characters Meg

5 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points

6 Jonas & Terry

7 Between who do you sense a love affair developing?

8 A stream of warm blood from her dying mate

9 What allows Meg to rise to the oceans surface?

10 Maggies refusal to stop filming

11 What causes Maggie to be eaten by Meg?

12 There is far more oxygen in air at sea level

13 What makes the Meg even hungrier?

14 the Megs baby

15 What loose end does the author not account for?

16 7 miles beneath the oceans surface

17 Where do the Meg and her mate reside?

18 a mental hospital

19 When /where does Jonas meet Mac?

20 Japanese detention camps in California

21 Where did Masao Tanaka spent his childhood?

22 The Tanaka lagoon

23 Where will they try to trap the Meg?

24 the seacliff

25 What is the name of the submersible that Jonas is on when he freaks?

26 This could be the story of the decade and I missed it!

27 Who is Maggie

28 Is it safe to go in the water?

29 What is asked at the 1 st news conference after Meg surfaces?

30 This lagoon has been my dream since I was six years old.

31 Who is Masao Tanaka?

32 Please understand that the Meg is the greatest killing machine in the history of the planet.

33 Who is Jonas?

34 I dont know whats on the other end of this, but is sure as hell is more than D.J.s sub!

35 Who is the captain of Tanakas boat? (Barre)

36 phobia

37 What is the Greek term for fear it?

38 the bends

39 What condition can result from rising to the oceans surface too quickly?

40 claustrophobia

41 What is fear of enclosed places?

42 the food chain

43 What is when the medium fish eats the little fish etc. … and Meg eats everyone?

44 predator

45 What is someone or something that preys on weak helpless creatures?

46 Maggie

47 Who was Jonahs wife?

48 D. J. Tanaka

49 Who descends to the trench with Jonah?

50 Frank Heller

51 Who is the Navy captain who blames Jonas for the deaths of 2 of his men?

52 The helicopter pilot Jonas meets in a mental hospital

53 Who is Mac?

54 Jonah from the Bible

55 Who else takes a journey inside a whale?

56 The T-rex

57 Who is the sharks first victim in the book?

58 Megs length

59 What is between 50 & 60 feet?

60 Megs weight

61 40,000 pounds

62 400 million years

63 How old is Megs species?

64 8

65 How many sensory organs does Meg have?





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