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100 200 300 400 500 Important Leaders Cause and Effect The Catholic/Count er Reformation VocabMisc IMisc. II Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 Important Leaders Cause and Effect The Catholic/Count er Reformation VocabMisc IMisc. II Final Question

3 This man believed salvation could be achieved only through faith and was particularly angry at the Catholic church for the sale of indulgences A 100

4 Martin Luther A 100

5 This man believed the world was made of saints and sinners, there was nothing you could do to change which group you were in. A 200

6 John Calvin A 200

7 This man lead a revolution in Scotland overthrowing the Catholic Queen A 300

8 John Knox A 300

9 This woman desperately wanted to return England to a Catholic Nation and would kill to accomplish her goal A 400

10 Mary Tudor AKA Bloody Mary A 400

11 This man was first a soldier of Spain and then became a soldier of God, he also created the Society of Jesus AKA Jesuits A 500

12 Ignatius of Loyola A 500

13 What are 2 ways the Catholic church paid for the lavish lifestyle of its clergy prior to the protestant reformation? B 100

14 -Sale of indulgences, relics, tithes, and increase of fees for sacraments B 100

15 Why is the Peace of Augsburg important? B 200

16 -It ensures that the German princes can choose which religion will be practiced in their kingdom keeping Lutheranism alive B 200

17 Why did the Pope refuse to annul Henry VIIIs marriage to Catherine of Aragon and what was the result? B 300

18 Its stretching the limits of an annulment and Catherine is related to Charles V Henry creates the Anglican Church B 300

19 Why is the Elizabethan Settlement important? B 400

20 It is a compromise between protestant and catholic beliefs – creates relative religious peace in England

21 What is the root cause of the Troubles in Northern Ireland? B 500

22 Protestant Loyalists want to remain with the UK while Catholic Unionists want NI to join with the rest of the Free Irish Republic N. Protestants fear losing their majority status B 500

23 Why does the Catholic or Counter Reformation occur? C 100

24 Catholic church has lost land and believers costing them money and prestige, they want it back C 100

25 This woman worked to improve the image of the Catholic church by reforming monasteries and nunneries in Spain C 200

26 -Teresa of Avila C 200

27 How does the inquisition attempt to deter criticism of the catholic church? C 300

28 Outlaws certain books and tortures/executes heretics C 300

29 Explain 2 ways the combined religious fervor of the protestant and catholic reformations affected non Christians and those on the fringes of society? C 400

30 Witch hunts Jewish discrimination C 400

31 What are the 4 decisions of the Council of Trent C 500

32 -Salvation comes through faith AND good works -The bible is a major source of religious church but not the only one -Penalties established for corrupt clergy -Schools created to educate clergy C 500

33 This is a tax paid to the church D 100

34 Tithe D 100

35 This is a trip to a holy place D 200

36 pilgrimage D 200

37 An artifact associated with Jesus or another holy person D 300

38 Relic D 300

39 What was the Peasants Revolt? -Goal -Inspiration -outcome D 400

40 A violent uprising of peasants against the catholic church inspired by Luther (even though he didnt support it) with the goal of ending serfdom. It failed. D 400

41 What is a Huguenot? D 500

42 French Calvinist

43 What is predestination? E 100

44 God determined whether you would go to heaven before you were born and nothing you do can change your fate E 100

45 Different groups of Anabaptists believed… (3 things) E 200

46 Baptize only adults, abolish private property and Sought to speed up the judgment day (end of the world) E 200

47 What are the 3 ironies of Henry VIIIs obsession with a male heir? E 300

48 1.He determines the gender of the child 2.His son is sickly and dies quickly 3.His daughter Elizabeth who becomes queen is arguably the most successful ruler in Britains history E 300

49 What are 3 ways in which the Protestant Reformation changes Europe? E 400

50 -North is protestant and the south is catholic -Sets the stage for future conflicts/wars -Many members of the Jewish faith move to Poland -etc E 400

51 What are the 3 main beliefs of Martin Luther? E 500

52 1.Faith is the only source of salvation 2.The bible is the only source of religious truth 3.Church leaders arent special/more powerful than the average person E 500

53 What are the 95 Theses? F 100

54 MLs response to church abuses F 100

55 Why is language important to the protestant reformation? F 200

56 Bible becomes available in vernacular Printing press spreads MLs and others ideas. F 200

57 Define excommunication F 300

58 Separated from the church – no chance at salvation F 300

59 What happened at the Diet of Worms? F 400

60 Luther refuses to recant and the church responds by declaring him an outlaw F 400

61 Define the Act of Supremacy F 500

62 Made the English monarch the head of the Anglican Church F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: Martin Luther Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

64 -Why is Martin Luther able to succeed where others before him failed? Click on screen to continue

65 -Bases his arguments on scripture which complicates the church response -Young Holy Roman Emperor doesnt kill him -He gets the support of the people through a message that resonates and making the bible available to them -He gets the support of the German princes because they see the financial benefits of supporting him Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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