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Preparing and Delivering a Speech or Presentation

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1 Preparing and Delivering a Speech or Presentation

2 1. Determining Your Audience and Purpose
The purpose of your speech is to inform your audience--they are part of the event To inform To persuade To entertain

3 2. Choosing and Limiting a Subject
It takes as long to deliver a 10 minute speech as it does to read a 4 page double-spaced essay Choose a subject that interests you and is likely to interest your audiece Choose a subject that you know well or can research thoroughly Choose a subject that you can explore in the given amount of time

4 3. Gathering and Organizing Information
Take notes--use notecards Use a spearate card to summarize each impotant idea and include facts and examples to support each idea Record accurately sny quotations you plsn to use Collect audiovisual aids--maps, pictures, slides, CDs, etc.

5 4. Practicing Your Speech
Do not attempt to write out or memorize your speech Make cue cards which include your main points along with key words, phrases and quotations listed in the order you want to follow in your speech

6 Strategies for Practicing Your Speech
Practice over a period of several days Practice in front of a mirror Make effective use of volume, pitch, and tone of voice As you practice, look around the room as if you were looking at your audience Revise your speech as you practice Practice using your cue cards and any visual aids or props that are part of your speech Practice making your opening and closing sentences memorable

7 5. Cue Card Marks mark meaning / Pause / for emphasis 
Stop  and take a breath Emphasize by speaking loudly [ ] [Emphasize] by speaking softly :: Look up now ::

8 6. Delivering Your Speech
Have all of your materials ready and in order Check computer equipment Wait until audience is quiet and ssettled Relax and breath deeply before you begin Stand with good posture Look directly at your audience

9 Speak slowly, clearly, and lodly
Use good clear diction Use correct grammar and well formed sentences Use formal language Emphasize your main points with appropriate gestures Remember audiovisual aids After your concluding sentence, take your seat without comment

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