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100 200 300 400 500 WWI WWII and the Great Depression Cold WarCivil Rights Movement Misc. Student presentations Final Question.

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WWI WWII and the Great Depression Cold WarCivil Rights Movement Misc. Student presentations Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 WWI WWII and the Great Depression Cold WarCivil Rights Movement Misc. Student presentations Final Question

3 In WWI, which are the 3 main countries in the Triple Entente? (aka Allies) A 100

4 Russia, Britain, and later the US A 100

5 How did the US respond when WWI started? A 200

6 The president urged the US to remain neutral and that to enter the war would tear us apart as many recent immigrants to the US came from opposite sides in the conflict A 200

7 What law did the US pass to limit opposition to the war and Name the group/committee created to increase support for the war A 300

8 Espionage and Sedition Acts Committee on Public Information A 300

9 What were the 4 goals of Wilsons 14 Points? A 400

10 1.Make sure every nation had self determination 2.Fairly settle the territory disputes at the end of the war 3.End conditions that could create future wars 4.Create a League of Nations A 400

11 What are the 4 conditions member nations agreed to when they joined the League of Nations? A 500

12 1.Try diplomacy first 2.If diplomacy fails observe a waiting period before attacking. 3.Agree to fight to protect the freedom of other member nations. 4.If you violate the conditions of the League you will be punished. A 500

13 Define Appeasement, how does it connect to WWII B 100

14 Giving an aggressive leader their demands in the belief that they will cease aggression Hitler was given the Sudetenland but continued to attack Poland anyway B 100

15 Encouraging the use of credit by keeping interest rates low Not create a safety net for when things started to go bad And passing the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act are all of examples of causes of the Great Depression that were the fault of _______. B 200

16 Government B 200

17 Give 1 example of a Cause of the Great Depression that was the fault of: -Businesses -Individuals B 300

18 Various B 300

19 According to studies published at the time, what are 2 reasons why the majority of Americans thought Prohibition was a good idea? B 400

20 Liquors impact on domestic violence and negative impact on children

21 Describe why the UN was created at the end of WWII. 2 reasons B 500

22 LON fell apart at the beginning of WWII Its goal was to stop future wars and pursue peace B 500

23 Define Pax Americana C 100

24 Create peace by destroying our enemy with force C 100

25 In what 2 ways did WWII impact the Cold War? C 200

26 1.US and Russia are the worlds two superpowers 2.A history of mistrust was built between the two during WWII C 200

27 Why is the Gulf of Tonkin Incident historically important? C 300

28 It is used to justify greater US involvement in Vietnam and gives the president the power to wage war without Congresss permission C 300

29 Describe two events from WWII and/or the peace settlement following that increased tensions between the US and Soviet Union C 400

30 Many possible answers – Russia not helping polish freedom fighters, US not telling Russia about the A-bomb, division of Germany, Russia shutting out the US from Berlin etc. C 400

31 What is containment describe in detail a historical example of containment C 500

32 Fight the spread of communism through any way possible except for directly attacking Russia (Vietnam etc,) C 500

33 What were the 2 main goals of the NAACP? D 100

34 Outlaw Racial Segregation Ensure the right to vote D 100

35 How did the 14 th amendment attempt and fail to achieve equality between the races? D 200

36 Stated that all persons born on US soil were citizens automatically and that they had equal protection under the law Equal protection was not enforced D 200

37 What is the significance of the 24 th Amendment? D 300

38 Banned the poll tax D 300

39 Purpose of the 1968 Civil Rights Act D 400

40 Banned discrimination in housing D 400

41 What is the 1965 Voting Rights Act and what impact did it have? D 500

42 Stated that the Federal government would handle registering voters AA registration jumped from 5% to +60% in the south

43 Glass Ceiling E 100

44 An unofficially acknowledged barrier to professional advancement that especially affects women E 100

45 Treaty of Versailles E 200

46 Agreement at the end of WWI Blamed Germany and demanded High reparations E 200

47 What was the cause and impact of the Dust Bowl? E 300

48 Cause – over farming Impact – huge migration of Midwestern farming families E 300

49 What were the Palmer Raids E 400

50 1920s raids on people suspected of being communist (immigrants) Some argued the raids violated due process rights of those targeted E 400

51 Describe Kenneth Clarkes research E 500

52 Research on the impact of segregation on the self-worth of African American children E 500

53 What part of Italy did the Mafia originate in? F 100

54 Sicily F 100

55 How often is someone in the US infected with HIV? F 200

56 Every 9.5 minutes F 200

57 When were women officially allowed into combat roles in the US military? F 300

58 2013 F 300

59 What is Rodney Kings connection to the LA Race Riots? F 400

60 He is an African American that was beaten by the police sparking the riots F 400

61 What did NATO do to help the Albanians targeted during the Kosovo Crisis? F 500

62 Massive bombing campaign F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: LIE Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

64 Click on screen to continue

65 -Various answers Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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