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Parts of Speech Preposition.

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1 Parts of Speech Preposition

2 Part Definition Example
Noun A person, place, thing, or idea. Under the clouds, we felt like fish swimming in suntan oil. Pronoun A word that takes the place of one or more nouns Electra thought that her tattoo was larger than she expected. Verb A word or phrase that expresses action or a state of being The movie starts at 9:00. (action) The movie is terrible. (being) Adjectives A word that modifies a noun or a pronoun That new blue sports car has aluminum rims. It also has a high-tech GPS system. Adverb A word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb I instantly realized that I had just insulted the mayor and that she was quite angry with me. Preposition Shows relationships between nouns or pronouns and other words in a sentence

3 Often indicate location, direction, or time.
She says she put the book on the table. You head into town. You should go on Saturday. Look in the family room. I will walk toward the gas station. The basketball tournament is held in the spring.

4 Some Common Prepositions Hint: Anywhere a mouse can go.
aboard before down off till about behind during on to above below except onto toward across beneath for opposite under after beside from out underneath against besides in outside until along between inside over up among beyond into past upon around but (except) like since with as by near through within at concerning of throughout without

5 Prepositional Phrase: a group of words beginning with a preposition and ending with a noun or pronoun. Object of a preposition: the noun or pronoun at the end of the prepositional phrase. (preposition) (object of prep) We hiked in the early evening. (prepositional phrase) We walked behind the old shed. He would not go near the lake or the ruins.

6 Preposition or Adverb? Preposition
When the word is part of a prepositional phrase, then it’s a preposition. When the word stands alone, then it’s an adverb. Preposition We wanted to keep the dog inside the house. Adverb When the sun set, we all went inside.

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