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100 200 300 400 500 GovernmentImportant People Wars Wars IIVocabMisc. Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 GovernmentImportant People Wars Wars IIVocabMisc. Final Question

3 What are the 3 problems in Athens under the Aristocracy? A 100

4 High Debt for Farmers Merchants and soldiers want more power and say in government Foreign artisans cant become citizens A 100

5 Why does Hippias lose control of Athens in 510 BC? A 200

6 He becomes mentally unstable after the assassination of his brother and everyone feels they are in danger. A 200

7 Solon created many reforms that helped the average person, what are 2 of these reforms? A 300

8 Outlaws debtor slavery Creates an Athenian coin Creates one law code Opens government offices to the average person A 300

9 Why was the revolt in Athens in 508 BC important/historically significant? A 400

10 First time the people rise up and take control of the government. They invite Cleisthenes back and he creates a direct democracy in Athens. A 400

11 Describe the form of government created in Athens in 507 BC by Cleisthenes -2 institutions that make decisions - who can/cant vote - how is our government in the US similar/different from theirs? A 500

12 Council of 500 – Small Decisions Assembly – Big Decisions -Male citizens only -Small area v. large area, all citizens over 18 can vote, we elect representatives not a direct democracy A 500

13 This person is considered the first Historian B 100

14 -Herodotus B 100

15 This philosopher was most known for his irritating method of questioning and for being executed for impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens B 200

16 -Socrates B 200

17 This Philosopher believed all things had 2 forms, their real from and their ideal form, believed human nature would resist change and learning, he also had a deep distrust of democracy and instead wanted a Utopia with 3 rigid social classes. B 300

18 Plato B 300

19 This Philosopher opened the school Lyceum and is considered the Father of the scientific method because of his desire to categorize everything by its traits B 400

20 Aristotle

21 The Great Athenian leader, Pericles, dies in 430 BC due to: B 500

22 Typhoid Fever B 500

23 This war begins with the battle of Marathon and ends with the Naval Battle at Salamis C 100

24 Persian War C 100

25 Why was the fact that Athens helped the Ionian Greeks rebel in 499 BC significant? C 200

26 The Ionian Greeks were successful and King Darius of Persia vowed revenge on Athens which starts the Persian Wars C 200

27 The Athenians win this battle against the Persians even though they are outnumbered; however, Xerxes now has a deep hatred for Athens and vows to conquer them. C 300

28 Marathon C 300

29 How is Xerxes ultimately defeated in the Persian War? C 400

30 Themistocles tricks him into a naval battle in a narrow area after he ordered Athens be abandoned C 400

31 Why was the Delian League created? -Who controlled it? -What problems were there with it? C 500

32 So the Greeks would be united to fight against Persia if they came again. Controlled by Athens Athens starts abusing their power and using other city states money to rebuild their city. C 500

33 Why is the Peloponnesian League create? -Who runs it? -What war does its creation lead to? D 100

34 Because Athens is abusing their power and other city states dont want to be controlled by them. -Sparta -Peloponnesian War D 100

35 What were 2 strengths of Athens and Sparta in the Peloponnesian War? D 200

36 Athens – Navy, Wall, Wealth Sparta – Location away from the water, Ground Troops, Navy after Persias help D 200

37 What are 2 weaknesses of Athens and Sparta in the Peloponnesian War? D 300

38 Athens- Plague, Ground Troops Sparta – No Navy (b4 Persian help), Not as wealthy, cant get through Athens wall D 300

39 What are the two turning points in the Peloponnesian War? D 400

40 Athens plague Sparta asking for help from Persia D 400

41 Why was the Battle of Thermopylae important? D 500

42 The Greeks lose despite the Spartan last stand opening up the rest of Greece to the Persian advance -Themistocles prepares his navy for the battle at Salamis and abandons the city of Athens

43 How are Direct and Republican Democracy different? E 100

44 Direct= the people make decisions themselves Republican= the people elect representatives that make choices for them E 100

45 To absorb another cultures ideas E 200

46 Assimilate E 200

47 Periokoi E 300

48 Not a slave but also not a citizen in Sparta E 300

49 Spartan Slave – the entire Spartan culture is dependent on them E 400

50 Helot E 400

51 The study of questions about existence, knowledge, and ethics E 500

52 Philosophy E 500

53 Define City State F 100

54 A small and independent area with its own culture and government. F 100

55 Define Ostracism F 200

56 Force someone out of the city by vote, usually for 10 years F 200

57 Define Tyrant F 300

58 Someone who takes power by force F 300

59 2 natural resources of Greece are ________, they traded thse to get ________ which they could not grow or create on their own. F 400

60 Olives, wine, marble / grain and metal F 400

61 What is an Allegory? F 500

62 A simple story with a hidden meaning F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: Greek development and decline Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

64 -How did the terrain of Greece affect the development of civilization there? -How did this eventually contribute to Greeces decline as a world power? -What part of their nation continued to thrive and spread even to this day? Click on screen to continue

65 -Independent city states that act as their own mini nations rather than one large unified country -The constant desire to outdo each other weakened the city states financially and physically leaving them open to be conquered by other groups such as Macedon -Their democracy Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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