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100 200 300 400 500 1920s Life and Culture Great Depression HooverFDR Vocabulary Misc. Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 1920s Life and Culture Great Depression HooverFDR Vocabulary Misc. Final Question

3 Bootlegger A 100

4 Someone who sold illegal alcohol during Prohibition A 100

5 The name given to the massive growth and popularity of African American culture during the 20s. A 200

6 Harlem Renaissance A 200

7 How did consumer practices change in the 1920s A 300

8 Credit and installment plans A 300

9 What was controversial about the palmer raids A 400

10 No sound evidence yet arrested and deported many people for being involved in radical communist movements A 400

11 Why did the popularity of fundamentalist religions increase in the 1920s? A 500

12 Prohibition – Hollywood sermons – fear of change A 500

13 How were racial tensions in the US represented in the Great Depression? B 100

14 -Minority races lived in poverty before, the depression was only official when it hit white America B 100

15 How did the Great Depression affect family life? B 200

16 -Homelessness, migrant lifestyle, divorces and domestic violence B 200

17 What was the unemployment level in the US in 1932? B 300

18 23% B 300

19 Why might someone argue that the Great Depression was natural and unavoidable? B 400

20 In good time businesses increase production, and employment build a surplus and are then forced to lay off workers. When the surplus is gone they will hire more people.

21 Give an example of a cause of the Great Depression that was the fault of -Individuals -Banks -Government -Business B 500

22 Variety B 500

23 What is a Hooverville? C 100

24 Name given to the shantytowns built by homeless folks in the Great Depression C 100

25 Define Rugged Individualism C 200

26 Success comes from individual effort C 200

27 Give 1 example of how Hoover attempted to stimulate the American Economy. Was it successful? C 300

28 Encouraged business owners to keep up pre Depression levels of production and employment Cheerful public statements Funding public works projects Had little impact C 300

29 Give 1 example of how Hoover attempted to cope with the farm crisis. Was it successful? C 400

30 Federal Farm Board gave loans and set up cooperatives to try and reduce expenses and get higher crop prices Not successful C 400

31 Give 1 example of how Hoover attempted to stabilize financial institutions. Was it successful? C 500

32 $2 billion used to stabilize banks and large corporations Large corporations were helped but small businesses continued to fail, didnt really make a dent. C 500

33 How did FDRs approach to the Great Depression differ from Hoovers? D 100

34 FDR believed in direct relief D 100

35 Which two of FDRs policies were found unconstitutional? D 200

36 National Recovery Administration National Industrial Recovery Act D 200

37 Which 3 of FDRs programs worked to directly create jobs? D 300

38 Civilian Conservation Corps Civil Works Administration Public Works Administration D 300

39 How was the FDIC supposed to restore Americas faith in the banks? D 400

40 Their deposits were insured D 400

41 Describe an action of FDR that tried to solve the following issues of the Great Depression 1.Lower standard of living 2.Natural disasters 3.Lack in aid 4.Racial tension 5.Poor individual choices 6.Decrease in family life D 500

42 Various

43 Define Bolshevik E 100

44 A communist E 100

45 Prohibition E 200

46 Banned sale, manufacture and Transportation of alcohol 1920-1933 E 200

47 Scopes Trial E 300

48 Would evolution be taught in public schools E 300

49 Smoot-Hawley Tariff E 400

50 High tariff on imported goods supposed to increase sales of American goods at home but destroyed foreign markets abilities to buy US goods E 400

51 Dust Bowl E 500

52 Man made agricultural disaster E 500

53 Gross National Product F 100

54 Total value of goods made in the US in one fiscal year F 100

55 How is a bull market different from a bear market? F 200

56 Bull Market is where prices rise a Bear is where they drop F 200

57 Define Social Security What is the current problem with SS in the US? F 300

58 Pension to retired US workers Fewer young people putting in to the system than older people withdrawing F 300

59 How did the type of liquor consumed by Americans change in the early 1900s? F 400

60 More alcohol in it (beer to whiskey) F 400

61 What is the concern with FDRs approach to fixing the economy? What is the concern with using Hoovers approach? F 500

62 FDR – how do you make sure the economy is actually recovering (can stand on its own) and not just relying on government aid. Hoover – how can individuals change their circumstances when the problems and challenges that face them are so large. F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: LIE Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

64 Click on screen to continue

65 -Various answers Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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