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Re-entry Manual A Guide for Texans

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1 Re-entry Manual A Guide for Texans
Reentry Task Force Meeting - April 20, 2010

2 Acknowledgements We would like to thank everyone who provided feedback and guidance on this manual including Rep. McReynolds, Rep. Madden, Dee Wilson, and Stuart Jenkins.

3 Fast Facts Total TDCJ releases in 2009 (Prison, State Jail, SAFP) = 72,218 Of those released, 32,705 are on a flat discharge and not under supervision 54.1% of individuals currently incarcerated have a sentence of 10 years or less

4 Purpose of Manual To aid individuals who are preparing for release and those who have recently been released from a period of incarceration with their adjustment back to their communities by addressing such issues as housing, employment, community assistance, and adjustment

5 Purpose of Manual, cont. Provide a comprehensive resource guide that addresses chief concerns of population including housing, employment, and community assistance Focus on individuals released on a full discharge who do not receive assistance from parole and who are not being supervised

6 Layout of Manual Two sections: Ten Chapters
Part One – Focuses on pre-release Part Two – Post-release resources and information Ten Chapters Spotlight features on key successful groups and programs Feedback Form

7 Chapter 1: Preparing for Release
Background Written by guest author Jorge Antonio Renaud Formerly incarcerated individual; wanted to use his experiences to speak directly to our targeted audience Sections Reform Your Habits Before Release Practical Plans and Goals Dealing With Family After You’re Out Asking For and Accepting Help Housing Working With Your Community Supervision Officer

8 Chapter 2: Getting Out Re-entry Related Legislative Updates
Adjusting to the Free World Obtaining Identification Documents Child Support Managing Money and Acquiring Loans

9 Chapter 3: Community Organizations
Community resources include groups that provide direct assistance to individuals May include food pantries, counseling services, rent and utility assistance, clothing, and more Resources are organized by region: Central Texas Northeast Texas South Texas West Texas High Plains

10 Texas Regions Central Texas: Includes Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, and surrounding cities Northeast Texas: Includes Dallas/Ft. Worth, Huntsville, Texarkana, and surrounding cities South Texas: Includes Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi, South Padre, Brownsville, and surrounding cities West Texas: Includes Big Spring, El Paso, San Angelo, and surrounding cities High Plains: Includes Abilene, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, and surrounding cities

11 Chapter 4: Housing Information about the Housing Assistance Program (established through passage of H.B. 3226) Information on public housing options for convicted felons Regional Resources Housing resources specific to sex offenders and individuals on electronic monitors

12 Chapter 5: Community Health Support
Nearly all individuals released from prison and returning to communities across the United States have chronic health conditions that require on-going treatment. In fact, most have a combination of physical, mental health, and substance abuse conditions. (Urban Institute, “Health and Prisoner Reentry: How Physical, Mental, and Substance Abuse Conditions Shape the Process of Reintegration”, 2008, Mallik-Kane, Kamala and Visher, Christy A)

13 Community Health Support, cont.
Spotlight features on MHMR centers throughout the state and TCOOMMI Regional Resources include addiction recovery services, mental health services including counseling and therapy, low-income general health clinics, dental clinics, HIV/AIDS case management, and more

14 Chapter 6: Finding Employment
Your Rights Against Discrimination in the Workplace Workforce Development for Disabled Individuals The Job Search Getting the Job Resumes and Cover Letters Job Applications and Interviews Follow Up and Job Retention

15 Chapter 7: Benefits and Assistance Overview of available assistance:
Social Security / Disability Benefits SNAP and TANF Texas Department of Assistance and Rehabilitative Services Information for Veterans Regional Resources

16 Chapter 8: Education GED preparation information and resources
General financial aid eligibility information Regional Resources, including literacy programs, ESL courses, GED preparation, and more

17 Chapter 9: Getting Involved
Voting Information – Basic voting information including eligibility Civic Groups – Resources for organizations that encourage civic participation Community/Support Groups of formerly incarcerated individuals Giving Back to Your Community

18 Feedback Includes a feedback form for individuals who wish to make comments, changes, or share their experiences Feedback is encourages as it is crucial to the improvement of future editions

19 Closing Questions/Comments
For additional information, please contact Ana Yanez-Correa at (512) ext. 109 or You may also visit our website for additional information and updates:

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