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Subsidized Permanent Guardianship (SPG)

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1 Subsidized Permanent Guardianship (SPG)
Implementation of the Tennessee Program

2 Incorporation into Daily Casework Practice
The State of Tennessee Department of Children’s Services visualized the SPG program as an extension of the department’s present permanency toolbox. There were several committees’ that initially met to develop the SPG process in TN: Steering Committee (group reviewed and researched any issues or concerns around moving forward with the SPG waiver project) Research Advisory Committee (to monitor how the research for the waiver project was completed) Office of Information Services (OIS)/Fiscal Committee (which obviously monitored and reviewed IV-E and State payment issues along with ensuring the SACWIS system was able to manage the changes required of the program.) Training Team which included a comprehensive Communication Plan for all the regions.

3 Incorporation into Daily Casework Practice (continued)
The department consciously put its efforts into integrating the discussion of permanent guardianship into the already established discussion around Adoption and exiting custody to that of a kin or relative. This process was part of the Child and Family Team Meeting (CFTM)/Permanency Planning process: we not only invited family, friends and kin to the meetings but we engaged them in discussion around what permanency options were in the best interest of the child/youth. These discussions allowed for a team decision making process. “Clinical Discussions” were held that addressed child-specific cases either within CFTMs or with regional staff separately before convening a CFTM in regards to eligibility criteria in order to assist in permanency decision making. This continues today. The CFTM provided an opportunity for the families to understand the rule out of reunification or adoption. This also continues today.

4 Incorporation into Daily Casework Practice (continued)
A Communication Forum was developed and is consistently held on a monthly basis which allows for all DCS regional staff to call in for new information around SPG and to review and discuss any issues or concerns any region may have. This practice continues today. A spreadsheet was developed tracking the number of children who exited custody to the SPG program, the number of children who returned to state custody from the SPG program, and youth who exited out of the SPG program at age 18. A Disruption Questionnaire was developed to document the reasons for return to custody. (Were post-permanency services offered to the family? Was this an emergency/CPS removal? Court ordered removal? Was guardianship vacated?)

5 Documents Developed for the Waiver Project
Subsidized Permanent Guardianship Policy 16.39 Including forms and protocols SPG Checklist and approval Comparison Chart Which shows the differences between Adoption/Permanent Guardianship and Exit custody to a relative or kin Options for Relative Caregivers Which provides the relative with an understanding of what services are available in the region ie: Relative Caregiver Program, Families First, SPG program. Overview and Advantages of the Subsidized Permanent Guardianship program. Which covers the Tennessee Codes Annotated (law) that provides permanent guardianship as an option to TN, this document reviews the role and responsibilities of the guardian and what the expectations of the guardian are.

6 Documents Developed for the Waiver Project (continued)
Created a training Video called “ Paths to Permanency” The video provided front line staff with information on all permanency options including how to discuss Permanent Guardianship with the family during the CFTM meeting. Frequently Asked Questions document: This document included questions asked by front line staff, permanency specialists and families. It was used during CFTM to assist in discussion of SPG. CFTM Summary: Document that summarizes the discussion between the department, the birth parents, resource parents and youth regarding Permanency Options and What is in the best interest of the child/youth.

7 Contact Information Odessa Krech Subsidized Permanent Guardianship Program Manager State of Tennessee (615)

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