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Cooperative Continuity Management

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1 Cooperative Continuity Management
Bill Willingham Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc. Tallahassee, FL


3 Approximately 900 coops and 2,000 municipally-owned electric utilities

4 Mitigation/Hardening
There are several things that co-ops can do to “harden” the system, but they are not cheap or without complications

5 Overhead Pole Inspections Vegetation Management
Design/Construction Standards

6 Vegetation Management

7 Design/Construction Standards
Overhead facilities can be built to withstand higher winds if money is not an issue, but even the strongest designs cannot withstand trees, debris, tornados, or microbursts Florida Keys EC is building to extreme wind standard



10 Underground Problems flexibility in rural areas cost
longer non-disaster outages coastal areas flood prone areas trees

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