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January 19, 2007 Renewable Energy Potential in Florida.

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1 January 19, 2007 Renewable Energy Potential in Florida

2 FPLs Commitment FPL is committed to the development of renewable resources of benefit to our customers; In 2005, FPL purchased more than 1.5 million MWh from renewable resources; FPLs voluntary Sunshine Energy program has been recognized as one of the most effective programs in the country; FPLs DSM program has been recognized as the most effective in the country; FPL Group is the largest generator of electricity from renewable resources in the world.

3 FPLs Experienced Team Renewable Strategy Team –Sponsored by Chief Development Officer, V.P. Customer Service, Director Resource Assessment and Planning (RAP) –Charged to explore what FPL can do to encourage renewable energy across the company, including demand side, supply side, and operations. Supply Side Experience –Mike Leighton, V.P. Project Development & Chief Development Officer Prior to joining FPL. Mike was the COO of FPL Energy – the largest renewable generator –Tom Hartman, Director of Business Management, RAP Prior to joining FPL, Tom was V.P. Renewables at FPL Energy –Chris Herron – Manager, Project Development Dedicated to exploring potential for renewable energy in FPLs service territory.

4 How is Florida doing today? FL is #13 in the U.S.

5 A more focused picture; FL is #2 in the U.S.

6 Florida Existing Renewable Generation

7 Waste to Energy in Florida Total Potential – 868 MW –Based upon DEP figures for county by county waste production Actual Capacity – 476 MW Potential Additions – 392 MW

8 Landfill Gas in Florida Total Potential – 86.8 MW –Based upon US EPA data Actual Capacity – 20.4 –Based upon EIA 2005 data Potential Additions – 66.4 MW

9 Biomass

10 Biomass Potential in Florida Agricultural Waste & Forest Products Total Potential – 492 MW –Based on 1999 ORNL survey Actual Capacity – 202 MW –EIA Survey 2005 Potential Additions – 270 MW

11 Wind Potential

12 Solar Potential

13 Available Incentives

14 Future Potentials Ocean Current Energy –Potentially huge resource for Florida –At least a decade from commercial viability –FAU established as a center of excellence –FPL monitoring and participating Closed Loop Biomass –E-grass facility recently approved –15,000 to 18,000 acres required for 116 MW plant

15 Summary Renewable generation critically depends upon the availability of the resource; Of the resources identified (WTE, LFB, Biomass), Florida is currently using 42.5% of the identified potential; Interest in new renewable development is high, and developers are actively bringing potentially viable projects to the utilities; and Innovative technologies to expand renewable opportunities in Florida are in development.

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