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Ocean Formation How did the oceans form??.

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1 Ocean Formation How did the oceans form??

2 Formation of the Ocean Earth is approximately 4.6 Billion Years Old
Oceans formed 2 possible ways: Comets Volcanism

3 Comets Comets hit the Earth and released water
The water filled the ocean basins over geologic time

4 Volcanism Volcanoes release Water Vapor, Carbon Dioxide and other gases Water vapor condensed to form water droplets that formed the oceans

5 Chemical Properties of Seawater
3.5% Dissolved salts NaCl is most abundant

6 Salinity Measure of the amount of dissolved salts in seawater
Expressed in ppt (Parts per thousand) 35 ppt

7 How Does Water Become Salty?
Volcanic gases contain chlorine and sulfur dioxide which dissolve into water Weathering of rocks and minerals

8 Salt Removal Sea Spray Evaporite Formation
Water evaporates and salt is left behind

9 Desalination Process that turns saltwater (saline) into potable (drinkable) freshwater Common Methods of Desalination: Distillation Reverse Osmosis

10 Distillation Saltwater is heated to boiling point and creates water vapor The heated water vapor is cooled and condensed as freshwater

11 Reverse Osmosis Seawater pressed through semi permeable membrane that allows water, not NaCl to pass through

12 Why would we want to remove salt?
Humans need freshwater to survive Of the 3% of freshwater, most is unavailable to us! (glaciers) In case of drought conditions, water would still be available

13 Environmental Concerns
Loss of Habitat for organisms that live in the area where the water is taken from Waste (salt) disposal Higher concentrations of salt being added back to an environment that is not adapted to those conditions Costs Money and uses Energy Greenhouse gas emissions from distillation plants

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