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Instructor: Katie McCurdie Winter 2015 GRAMMAR/WRITING 3 COURSE INFORMATION.

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1 Instructor: Katie McCurdie Winter 2015 GRAMMAR/WRITING 3 COURSE INFORMATION

2 Contact Information Email only! I have no office phone Office hours: Tuesdays from 1-3 in UCB 400A Just come in – the door is unlocked! Or make an appointment for a different day or time

3 Required Materials Great Writing 4: Great Essays, Fourth Edition Grammar and Beyond 3 Textbook (Online Workbook) 8 ½ x 11 inch lined paper – this is standard size for university classes A folder for handing in essays Pencils, eraser, and colored pens or highlighters Please bring these materials to class every day!

4 Course Outcomes Use the writing process to write academic essays Use a variety of sentence types in your writing Use Level 3 grammar in your writing Verb tenses Gerunds & Infinitives Modals Passive and active voice Adjective clauses Noun clauses Adverb clauses and connectors Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in your writing

5 Course Requirements Homework is due each class Must be completed before class Late work is not accepted Several short quizzes In general, quizzes cannot be made up (2 Knowledge quizzes dropped) Revised Writing assignments 2 essays In-class Writing Tests 2 essays (one midterm exam, one final exam) Grammar midterm exam Final grammar exam

6 Independent Study Course Component You have choices! Grammar and Beyond 3 online workbook (3 exercises) Other grammar texts (3 exercises) Computer programs in Learning Center (3 exercises) Grammar websites (3 exercises) One tutoring session on grammar Due the same day we have grammar quizzes (most Fridays) Graded out of 10 points (based on completion) Worth 5% of your total course grade 1 st assignment due Friday, Jan. 23 for Part 12

7 Grading Criteria Knowledge HW & Independent Study5% Knowledge Quizzes5% Grammar Quizzes 15% Drafted Essays15% Midterm Grammar Exam10% Midterm Writing Exam10% Final Writing Exam20% Final Grammar Exam20% The magic number = 70%

8 Attendance Required by IELP All absences are marked “Absent” If you have a documented illness or emergency, the absence can be excused by your advisor (not teacher) 3x late = 1 absence (late = 10 minutes or more) What should students do if they miss a class? Before the next class… Check website to get homework and handouts Contact another student Email or visit Katie if you still have questions If you are absent, your professors will still expect you to be prepared for class when you return

9 Bad Excuses! Being absent or late to class: “I didn’t hear my alarm clock.” “I was buying a new BMW.” “I had to take my uncle to the bank.” “The rain made me feel tired.” “I had to watch an important soccer match.” Not having homework: “I was absent, so I didn’t know what the homework was.” “I forgot.” “My friend had a party.” College professors do not want to hear excuses!

10 Real Excuses “I have the flu and I’m not allowed to attend classes.” “I have to have surgery.” “My relative passed away.” “I got into a car accident on the way to school.”

11 Academic Honesty Do you own work at all times Never look at another student’s test or quiz answers Never copy another student’s homework Always write your own, NEW essays Plagiarism is very serious! What is it? Handing in someone else’s essay as your own Using ANY words or ideas from someone else in your essay without giving them credit Handing in an essay you wrote before for another class Academic DIShonesty can result in failure or expulsion from college

12 Classroom Behavior Only one person talks at a time – don’t interrupt others Raise your hand and wait patiently to be called on Always respect others Even if you know all the answers, let other students answer, too – don’t “hog” class time! Participate actively – no cell phone use during class!

13 Welcome to Class! I’m looking forward to teaching you! Please let me know if I can help in any way!

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