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What is the fate of our sun and other stars?

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1 What is the fate of our sun and other stars?
The Sun What is the fate of our sun and other stars?

2 The Sun’s Properties 99% of all mass in the solar system
330,000 times more massive than Earth Interior Temperature: 10,000,000K Inner layer: mostly plasma

3 The Sun’s Atmosphere Photosphere Visible surface of the sun
400km thick Average temp: 5800K Lowest layer, but most light

4 The Sun’s Atmosphere Chromosphere Outside of photosphere 2500km thick
Visible during solar eclipse

5 The Sun’s Atmosphere Corona Outermost layer of sun Low Density
Dim, only seen in eclipse Temp: 1million K – 2million K

6 Solar Wind The corona does not have a true edge
Gas flows out of the corona at high speeds Forms the Solar Wind Reaches speeds of 400km/s Causes Auroras

7 Solar Activity Sunspots Dark spots on surface of photosphere
Appear darker because they are cooler Magnetic Field pokes through Hot gases can’t rise

8 Solar Activity Cycles every 22.4 years
Maximum sunspots every 11.2 years Magnetic field reverses

9 Other Solar Features Coronal Holes Solar Flares Prominence Low density
Solar Wind Escapes Solar Flares Eruptions of particles and radiation Prominence Arc of gas ejected from chromosphere

10 Solar Energy The sun produces energy largely from Fusion
Fusion – combination of hydrogen atoms to make helium Energy is produced in core of sun Energy near the core is transported through a radiation zone (86%) Near the surface energy is transported through convection currents


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