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The Sun What is the fate of our sun and other stars?

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1 The Sun What is the fate of our sun and other stars?

2 The Suns Properties 99% of all mass in the solar system 330,000 times more massive than Earth Interior Temperature: 10,000,000K Inner layer: mostly plasma

3 The Suns Atmosphere Photosphere – Visible surface of the sun – 400km thick – Average temp: 5800K – Lowest layer, but most light

4 The Suns Atmosphere Chromosphere – Outside of photosphere – 2500km thick – 30,000K – Visible during solar eclipse

5 The Suns Atmosphere Corona – Outermost layer of sun – Low Density – Dim, only seen in eclipse – Temp: 1million K – 2million K

6 Solar Wind The corona does not have a true edge Gas flows out of the corona at high speeds Forms the Solar Wind Reaches speeds of 400km/s Causes Auroras

7 Solar Activity Sunspots – Dark spots on surface of photosphere – Appear darker because they are cooler – Magnetic Field pokes through – Hot gases cant rise

8 Solar Activity Cycles every 22.4 years Maximum sunspots every 11.2 years Magnetic field reverses

9 Other Solar Features Coronal Holes – Low density – Solar Wind Escapes Solar Flares – Eruptions of particles and radiation Prominence – Arc of gas ejected from chromosphere

10 Solar Energy The sun produces energy largely from Fusion – Fusion – combination of hydrogen atoms to make helium Energy is produced in core of sun Energy near the core is transported through a radiation zone (86%) Near the surface energy is transported through convection currents


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