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Pre-Intermediate Level

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1 Pre-Intermediate Level
VY_32_INOVACE_12-15 Articles an,a,the,- Pre-Intermediate Level

2 An/A Countable nouns (an apple, a uniform)
Talk for the first time (This is a cat.) Job (a nurse), money (a pound), number (a hundred) Adjective and noun (a nice cat) Once a week, a day, a month

3 The talk again (There is a cat, the cat is black.)
one of something (Prague is the capital of CZ.) superlatives of adjectives (the biggest) the same, the republic, the kingdom, the state parts of the day (in the morning) the groups as a whole (The British)

4 Zero Plural countable nouns (apples) Uncountable nouns (water)
Subjects (Biology) Days, months, holidays (Friday, Christmas) Meals (lunch) X (a big lunch) Transport (by train) General statement (I like Japanesse food.)

5 Exercise1 Complete the sentences with a/an/the/- : 1.I live in ……….. small town. 2.Do you like …….newest song of U2? 3.He doesn`t eat …….Japanese food. 4.London is …… of …….UK. 5.Jane has got ….car, … is very fast.

6 Exercise2 Find one mistake in each sentence: 1.She is teacher, she likes children. 2.We have a breakfast at 8 a.m. 3.I have lived in UK since My uncle is a soldier in Army. 5.They have moved to the big house in the centre.

7 Exercise3 Make sentences: 1.Boy/a/the/often/in/sea/swim. 2.Do/love/not/cats/I. 3.Girl/who/long/the/is/hair/with? 4.In/she/flat/a/lives. 5.Man/President/helped/the/a.

8 Autor DUM: Mgr. Gabriela Marchewková
Děkuji za pozornost. Autor DUM: Mgr. Gabriela Marchewková

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