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Date Mnemonics Event Words Date Words Pictures of Both.

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1 Date Mnemonics Event Words Date Words Pictures of Both

2 First Moon Landing Neil Armstrong moon 1969 Push-Up An astronaut knelt and did a push-up to make his arms strong on the moon.

3 Marco Polos Travels East Marker Polo Nicked 1271 The marker nicked the polo ball.

4 Completion of the Intercontinental Railroad Golden Spike Have a Chip 1869 You can have a chip from the golden spike

5 Beginning of World War I Imperialist policies start WWI Butter 1914 The imperialist made butter.

6 Beginning of World War II WWII for US began with the attack Pearl Harbor Party 1941 The party where everyone wore pearls began WWII.

7 Beginning of the Civil War The Civil War began at Fort Sumter Fished 1861 He fished some tar from the lake.

8 When the Pilgrims landed in Massechusetts the wrote and signed the Mayflower Compact Chains 1620 Chains made the Mayflower (ship) Compact (smaller)

9 Lewis and Clarks Journey Lewis and Clark go to the Pacific Ocean Phaser 1804 Lewis and Clark would have liked a phaser to fight unfriendly Indians.

10 Ponce de Leon and Balboa Explore Ponce de Leon looked for the fountain of youth in FL and Balboa crossed Panama Let Him 1513 The lion pounced in the water stirring up snakes. The boa constrictor tightened around the lion then let him breath.

11 Mexican American War The Mexican American War begins and Fort Texas is reinforced by Taylor and the flying artillery. Fresh 1846 Fresh horses were needed to pull the flying artillery.

12 Coronado Coronado explores New Mexico while looking for the Seven Cities of Gold (Cibola) (See-bowl-of). Layers 1540 The coronet sees bowl of gold layers.

13 French Revolution The French Revolted against their king. Cave Boy 1789 The cave boy revolved a frenchman above his head.

14 The Declaration of Independence The Colonies Declare Independence from Britain. 1776 cake shoe The cake wore an independent cake shoe.

15 The Constitution is Ratified Calf ache 1787 The morning constitutional made her calf ache. (A walk taken regularly for one's health)

16 The Panama Canal & Monroe Doctrine The Panama Canal was finished and The Monroe Doctrine was signed. 1904 Pass a Ray Pass a Ray over the cannel so Dr. Monroe can see.

17 The Cotton Gin Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin to clean cotton. 1793 Keep Him A cotton coat will keep him warm.

18 Fall of the Berlin Wall Germany was reunited with the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1989 Beef Pie They all ate beef pie on the wall before it fell.

19 Tonkin Gulf Resolution The Viet Nam war began in earnest for the US with the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. Peach Ore 1964 He beat the Tonka truck with a peach ore.

20 First Nuclear Bomb The First Nuclear Bomb is Used on Japan Barrel 1945 The bomb made a barrel cloud instead of a Mushroom cloud.

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