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Piceance Basin Natural Gas Development Program

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1 Piceance Basin Natural Gas Development Program
Northwest Colorado Oil & Gas Forum Presented by: Michael DeBerry September 4, 2008 Kristi Pollard – Policy, Government & Public Affairs, → Chevron Staff, based in Grand Junction Sean Norris – Coordinator for the Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA), → Chevron Staff, based in Grand Junction Aim of the meeting To provide you with more information about the project, and to answer your questions

2 Piceance Natural Gas Program Update
Two Recent Hand Injuries that Required Medical Attention 83 Wells on 4 Pads Have Been Drilled to Date H&P Rig 318 Celebrated One Year Injury Free KSI (Construction Contractor) Completed One Year Injury Free 30 Inch Sales Pipeline Completed in August 2008 Currently Flowing 5MMCFD Gas is Being Processed by Enterprise Enhanced Performance Through Technology/Process Improvements

3 Well Design TD – 200’ below the WF. Average TVD ~ 5,800’.
KOP – Minimum 200’ Max Build Rate – 3o / 100’ Max Inclination – 40o Max Drop Rate - 2o / 100’ Average Departure ~ 1100’. Section 25 shown with 64, 10 acre wells hit from three pads in valley location.

4 Piceance Natural Gas Program Update cont.
ESHIA Being Implemented into Project Management Plan Plan Replaced Produced Water Pond with Tanks Steadily Expanding Environmental Monitoring Programs – Water Quality and Wildlife Finalized $25M Agreement with Garfield County for CR 204 Granted a $45K Grant to the De Beque School District for a Computer Lab, Software and Hardware

5 Piceance Natural Gas Program Update cont.
Partnering with the Tamarisk Coalition on the Watson Island Project Eradication and Re-vegetation along a 70 mile stretch of the Colorado River Major Sponsor for the Robb River Rally on Sept. 13th A Community Biking/Running Event to Continue the Vision of Completing a Trail System Along the Colorado River from Garfield County to Utah and from Grand Junction to Delta along the Gunnison River

6 The Future of the Piceance Program
Continue Operating the Current Two Drilling Rigs Until Mid 2010. Continue Infrastructure Installation in the Clear Creek Valley. Central Production Facility Commissioning Targeted for Second Quarter 2009. Continue Interim Production Operations Until Facility Commissioning. Limited Well Completion Activity Until Second Quarter 2009.

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