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PrevNext | Slide 1 Early On System Update MEGS & Early On for Program Year 2004-05 Last Updated: April 15, 2004.

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1 PrevNext | Slide 1 Early On System Update MEGS & Early On for Program Year 2004-05 Last Updated: April 15, 2004

2 PrevNext | Slide 2 1.Introduction 2.MEGS 101 Refresher 3.Changes for this year Local Self Assessment Carryover Interim Federal Cost Reporting DS-4044 reporting System Review 4.Questions and Answers 5.Hands On Session MEGS: Early On Updates

3 PrevNext | Slide 3 What is needed to use MEGS? An Internet Connection Web Browser -IE 6.0+ -Netscape 7.0+ Acrobat Reader 4.0+ A Valid MEIS Account, entered in MEGS

4 PrevNext | Slide 4 What is MEIS and how can an account be obtained? MEIS is the Michigan Education Information System. MEIS provides one system for the management of user accounts for a variety of MDE applications. In order to use MEGS you must first obtain a MEIS account. This can be done by going to the following URL and clicking Create a MEIS Account:

5 PrevNext | Slide 5 Confirming your MEIS Account The final screen will confirm your account. Hint: Change your password immediately. Hint: Print this page for your records. Your MEIS account must be entered in MEGS by your authorized official (level 5). Note: Every MEIS application has its own security system.

6 PrevNext | Slide 6 How to access MEGS If your MEIS account is entered in MEGS, you can log in: The first screen provides a link to the login screen and a link to the MEGS Website. MEGS Website has: -training materials -MEIS information -general information

7 PrevNext | Slide 7 Logging into MEGS Use the Login and Password obtained from the MEIS registration process to login. Remember: the MEIS password is case sensitive. If you receive an error message that you have a valid MEIS account, but are not authorized in MEGS, contact your Authorized Official. Need to reset your password? Call the MDE Helpdesk: (517) 335-0505

8 PrevNext | Slide 8 MEGS Authorization Structure Level 5 - Authorized Officials Manage MEGS accounts for district/agency and add users to MEGS Submit, amend and delete applications, amendments, and/or reports Level 4 - Application Administrators Responsible for managing the application Initiate assigned applications Assign other users to participate in the grant writing or review process Notify Authorized Officials to submit applications, modifications and amendments Submit reports Level 3b- Grant Member - Program Coordinator Can input and edit data for their agency only Level 2 - Grant Writers -- Input and edit any data Level 1 – Viewers -- View all parts of the application - Cannot input or edit any information

9 PrevNext | Slide 9 Avoid the Back and Forward Buttons MEGS is a dynamic, database driven, Web application. Content in MEGS changes according to information that is entered into the system. When applicants enter information into the system, it changes the way they see certain parts of the application. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users use the navigation provided within the application. Using the browsers Back and Forward buttons to go to a page is not the same as clicking a link to go to exactly the same page. The Back button will simply load the cached (or saved) version of the page that exists on the local hard drive as it was the last time the page was accessed. By using the Back button, the user is not getting the latest information from the website, but rather an older saved version of the page. Avoid the Back and Forward buttons in order to always see the latest information.

10 PrevNext | Slide 10 Authorized Officials From the Main Menu, Authorized Officials can: Initiate applications Add users to MEGS Review/edit contact information Assign application security levels Edit agency information Edit personal contact information Once an application has been initiated, the application will be listed on the Main Menu. Grant Years are color coded: 2004-2005 are red 2003-2004 are greenish 2002-2003 are blue 2001-2002 are red

11 PrevNext | Slide 11 MAIN MENU: Add Users to MEGS Click the Add Users to MEGS link. Users added to your college/university Enter up to 10 new users into MEGS: –Enter the MEIS Account number Click Verify to verify users. Check the results of Verify: –Check name and agency –Invalid MEIS account –Already in MEGS Confirm the new users by clicking Save. Go to the Main Menu and click the Application Security Level(s) link to complete the process of giving users access to applications in MEGS.

12 PrevNext | Slide 12 MAIN MENU: Contact Information Maintain MEGS Accounts Click the Contact Information link. A list of names associated with the users agency is displayed. Each name is a link to a page where contact information can be edited. Click the underlined name of the person whose information you wish to edit. Make appropriate changes and click the Save button. Click the Return to Previous Page button to continue. To Edit Contact Information (5s only): Any User can edit their own contact information. Hint: update your email!

13 PrevNext | Slide 13 MAIN MENU: Application Security Level(s) Get assigned to the grant! Select the user from the drop down list and click Go. Assign a security level for each application the user will access. Click the Save button to save the assignments. Only for your agency Assign application security level(s) once users are in MEGS: Early On

14 PrevNext | Slide 14 Initiating an Application Apply for FY 2005 Grant Select Early On Michigan (FY205) from the drop down list Click Apply For A New Grant 4s or 5s can initiate applications

15 PrevNext | Slide 15 MAIN MENU Initiating an Application Select Apply Now button. Click the Apply button to initiate the application. This will send the user to the Application Menu. Copy Previous Grant: save yourself some work! Apply Now does not mean TODAY

16 PrevNext | Slide 16 HELP/ASSISTANCE Most pages have help information. Before you enter any information, it is recommended to view HELP screens. To print, click Print Window.

17 PrevNext | Slide 17 Header Details Main Menu – Returns the user to the page with all applications initiated by the users agency. Application Menu – Returns the user to the home page for the application. A feature built into this link is a JavaScript menu that allows quick access to other parts of the application. This menu has links to budget pages and program information. Dont Touch Me! Ignore me at all costs. Errors – Tracks the progress of the application and alerts the user when any critical part is not completed. All errors must be addressed in order to submit the application. Logout – Logs the user out of MEGS. View Comments – Interactive checklist with MDE consultant comments. Printable. 2. Help 1. Main Menu 5. Report Menu 4. Errors 3. Log-out Help – Takes the user to specific help information for each page. This feature is the first source of assistance for questions or problems that users might encounter. 6. Report Errors 7. View Comments

18 PrevNext | Slide 18 Early On - Walk Through Application Menu Header Details Grant Information Management Activities General Information Budget Pages Program Information Local Self-Assessment

19 PrevNext | Slide 19 MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES Control Access to This Application All Users are Saved in Application Fiscal Agent Users listed only; select option to see all users To Add Users Go to the Add Users to this Application table at the bottom of the page. Enter the MEIS Account IDs Select a security level If the user is a contact person for the application, select the Main Contact. Click the Save button to update MEGS. Trick: Adding users from outside the fiscal agent will not display initially.

20 PrevNext | Slide 20 MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES Control Access to This Application Edit/Remove Users From Application Identify users to delete or to temporarily limit their access. To edit the users access, make the appropriate changes and click Save. To remove the user, click the box in the Mark Remove column to the left of the users name and click Save. The removed user will no longer have access to the application unless the user is given access again.

21 PrevNext | Slide 21 MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES View a PDF of the Application PDF rules: request to generate the PDF file of entire application. Once data is saved, the individual pages can be printed in PDF format. The entire Application is generated overnight, and can be saved as a PDF file on the desktop. Save PDF files to your desktop

22 PrevNext | Slide 22 GENERAL INFORMATION Grant Contact and Fiscal Agent Information To Assign or Change the Main Contact/Project Coordinator: Go to the Control Access link When the assignment is saved, the user will be displayed on the Grant Contact and Fiscal Agent Information page. Fiscal Agents Information comes from the School Code Master (SCM). MEGS gets updates from the SCM. Level 5 can update some information

23 PrevNext | Slide 23 BUDGET PAGES Budget Navigation The yellow tinted button denotes the page that the user is currently on The blue tinted buttons denote pages that are available to navigate to The View PDF button will generate a PDF for the current grant source Clicking these buttons will take the user to the corresponding page The quick links are available on the dark blue button bar Budget Tabs and Quick Links These features allow for easy navigation between the budget pages. The tabs are color coded for easy recognition. The yellow tinted tab signifies the current page. The View PDF tab will display a PDF of the current budget page. Quick links are located beneath the budget tabs, and take the user to pages where multiple budget items can be added.

24 PrevNext | Slide 24 Budget Details 0304 Budget Descriptions brought forward Dollar amounts not brought forward New: Functions codes have program description All function codes will have to be updated No Carryover for the 041340 grant number Guidance: Budget 100% of allocation

25 PrevNext | Slide 25 BUDGET PAGES Budget Summary New function code options for Early On, e.g.: -213 Health Services -213 Medical Services -213 Nursing Services The budget totals are displayed with function codes along the left side and object codes across the top. Budget totals are changed automatically when new budget items are added to the grant. Update Contact Information. Budget Summary is for Presentation only

26 PrevNext | Slide 26 BUDGET PAGES Budget Detail The budget displays by function codes Initially no budget figures displayed Descriptions are links to edit budget item Budget totals are changed automatically when new budget items are added to the grant.

27 PrevNext | Slide 27 BUDGET PAGES Add/Edit/Delete Budget Item Add a Budget Item: Select function code Provide a description of the budget item Enter amount(s) in the appropriate Object Code(s). Detailed Function Codes Edit Budget Detail Use Edit Budget Detail link or Access from Budget Detail Delete Budget Detail Delete: individual entries or entire budget detail.

28 PrevNext | Slide 28 PROGRAM IMFORMATION Program Information Page Summary Provides dates and times entries in this section were added or edited. Mainly used by consultants.

29 PrevNext | Slide 29 PROGRAM IMFORMATION LICC Membership LICC is pulled forward from previous year. Title is new and is mandatory Edit/Delete as necessary Note replacements Total LICC membership next to drop down

30 PrevNext | Slide 30 PROGRAM INFORMATION Service Area Plan Last years entries pulled forward Has this page been updated? Required to make updates to this page.

31 PrevNext | Slide 31 PROGRAM INFORMATION Consent of Collaboration Last years entries pulled forward Has this page been updated? Add for additional counties Indicate mail or fax

32 PrevNext | Slide 32 Local Self Assessment New for 2004-05 Part B and Part C IDEA have Federal Annual Performance Reports Purpose of LSA is to collect trend data to report to OSEP Congress wants to know if outcomes are being met Is the money spent helping children? LSA designed to find out if programs are reaching outcomes Questions in the LSA are based on the Federal APR Early On Coordinators, SICC sub-committee, EOT&TA review in February and March

33 PrevNext | Slide 33 Local Self Assessment Five Sections: o Comprehensive Public Awareness and Child Find System o General Supervision o Family Centered Services o Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments o Early Childhood Transition MEGS will perform auto-calculations based on data entry Future Activities to Achieve Projected Targets oDescribe two activities with timeline oDescribe resources that will be used in both activities In subsequent versions data entered will be re-displayed Next – Previous- First – Last navigation buttons

34 PrevNext | Slide 34 LOCAL SELF-ASSESSMENT Comprehensive Public Awareness and Child Find System 1.Questions 1-3 2.Enter snapshot count; used to determine number of files need to review. 3.Read pages; answer questions, SAVE your work. 4.Enter baseline and target information as requested.

35 PrevNext | Slide 35 LOCAL SELF-ASSESSMENT General Supervision Questions 4-7 Qs 4&5: check boxes, provide description is Other is checked Q7: Note wording change; ratio is calculated based on answer to Q1

36 PrevNext | Slide 36 LOCAL SELF-ASSESSMENT Family Centered Services Enter the Family Centered Services Information Questions 8-11 Answer 8 is in LICC section Q9: Percentage is calculated from answer to 8 and baseline for 9.

37 PrevNext | Slide 37 Enter the Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments LOCAL SELF-ASSESSMENT Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments Questions 12-20 Many fields are auto- calculated based on your entries. Enter and SAVE to see results. Q13, 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20

38 PrevNext | Slide 38 LOCAL SELF-ASSESSMENT Early Childhood Transition Questions 21-25 Qs 22 &23 auto-calc Q25: describe Other if used

39 PrevNext | Slide 39 Submission of the Early On Michigan Application Errors MEGS performs a check for technical errors and will present the information on this page. Run the error checking until the screen indicates: No errors have been detected in this application.

40 PrevNext | Slide 40 Submit an Application: Notify Authorized Official (AO), Level 5. AO clicks Submit Application. Conditions page will be displayed. MEGS will display a confirmation page. Submission of the Early On Michigan Submission

41 PrevNext | Slide 41 Application Status Levels Status levels are used to track applications within MEGS and are applied at every step of the process. There are two distinct status categories: Applicant and Consultant. Applicant status levels that are inprogress allow the user full access to the application. Submission will lock the application to further changes. Consultant status levels are used to show the level of review or to return the application (e.g. Modifications Required) to the user. Applicant Set Status Levels Application In Progress Application Submitted Modifications In Progress Modifications Submitted Amendment In Progress Amendment Submitted Report In Progress Report Submitted Consultant Set Status Levels Review In Progress Modifications Required Program Office Review Complete Grant Funds Available

42 PrevNext | Slide 42 Viewing Comments To View General Comments Click the View Comments link in the header of the page. A separate popup window opens and displays the comments for that page. Checklists are interactive

43 PrevNext | Slide 43 Modifications Process Modifying the Application: Modifications Required: the Modify Application button is lit Levels 4 and 5 can click Modify Application; the status changes to Modifications in Progress Modifications in Progress, additional changes are made by clicking the View/Edit button Modifications Summary link on the Application Menu tracks changes Level 5s can submit the modified application

44 PrevNext | Slide 44 Interim Expenditure Reporting Requirements USDOE requires states to report Federal expenditures annually for two year grants Expenditures reported for July 1-June 30 –Year 1 and Year 2 Grants affected: –Flowthrough, Preschool, Early On –Other grants report expenditures using DS-4044 State cost reporting IS NOT affected DS-4044 Reporting to be done using MEGS data (July 2004)

45 PrevNext | Slide 45 Interim Expenditure Reporting and MEGS Focus Group, February 19, 2004 –Genesee; Jackson; Kent, Ingham, Oakland, MDE, OSE-EIS –How best to capture interim expenditures? –Confusion on MEGS budgets for different years. Decision to use MEGS to collect annual expenditures –Live date: July 15 (tentative) –Due Date: September 15 (tentative) Currently: –ISDs budget and report differently –Cost reports submitted after books closed and audited

46 PrevNext | Slide 46 MEGS & Early On Grants 0102 Grants are Red 0203 Grants are Blue 0304 Grants are Green 0405 Grants are Red Green Early On grants have two funding sources Grant Number Project No. Early On, 041340 190 Early On, 031340 190C

47 PrevNext | Slide 47 Interim Federal Expenditure Reporting Decisions No Carryover Budgets for Early On Guidance: budget 100% of the allocation May require amendments to budget Collect Interim Expenditures in MEGS, based on composite budget Prototype to test concept IFER ready by July 15

48 PrevNext | Slide 48 Interim Expenditure Reporting 0405 (Red) grants will not have a Carryover Option for 041340 funds The 041340 funding source is only in the 0304 (Green) grant Amend 0304 Regular Grants and update 041340 budgets to 100% of allocation The Green grant (0304) may have a Carryover Budget for 031340 funds

49 PrevNext | Slide 49 DS-4044 Reporting DS-4044 reporting this summer for year 031340 funding source 031340 Early On grants may have two projects to report

50 PrevNext | Slide 50 IFER, DS-4044, and System Review Functionality is under construction!! This is the current concept.

51 PrevNext | Slide 51 Initiating the Interim Federal Expenditure Report Initiate an application 4s and 5s from source app can initiate Select the IFER to complete Choose Apply Now for Year 1 Apply Later for Year 2 Early On: IFER 040450

52 PrevNext | Slide 52 MAIN MENU Initiating the IFER Application Select Apply Now button. Click the Apply button to initiate the IFER. This will send the user to the Application Menu. Apply Now means by the due date: ~September 15 Early On-IFER 041340 041340

53 PrevNext | Slide 53 Interim Federal Expenditure Report Walk Through Application Menu Header Details Grant Information Management Activities General Information Budget Pages

54 PrevNext | Slide 54 MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES Control Access to This Application Access to the IFER Application All MEGS users from the Fiscal Agent will be included in the IFER Grant Members will not be added. Same permissions from the application Main Contact will be same Update Main Contact as necessary

55 PrevNext | Slide 55 GENERAL INFORMATION Grant Member Information Display for info only. Cannot edit Column added for expenditures

56 PrevNext | Slide 56 BUDGET PAGES Budget Navigation Budget Tabs Three Tabs Likely: Composite Budget Interim Federal Expenditure Report (IFER) View PDF

57 PrevNext | Slide 57 Composite Budget The Composite Budget displays the budget entries for all allowable function and program codes.

58 PrevNext | Slide 58 Composite Budget IFER will display the most recent budget entries for the grant. Cells will be open to enter expenditures: – by function code and program code –report by Object class –Indirect rate included Enter detail for each grant member. MEGS will sum for Fiscal Agent MEGS will do all calculations Business Rules will be enforced. –Less than or equal to current budget –Year 2 IFER will be compared against latest budget and Year 1 IFER Delete option to start over

59 PrevNext | Slide 59 Sample Business Rules Year 1: Less than or equal to approved amount Fiscal Agent cannot Edit 411 Indirect rate will be checked for proper year (year expenditures made) Year 2 IFER will be compared against latest budget and Year 1 IFER Sum of Year 1 and Year 2 must equal Approved Amount Rules and process will be finalized during pilot of functionality.

60 PrevNext | Slide 60 Submission of the IFER MEGS performs a check for technical errors and will present the information on this page.

61 PrevNext | Slide 61 IFER Statuses Application in Progress Application Submitted Modifications Required Modifications in Progress Modifications Submitted Review in Progress Report Accepted (locked out!)

62 PrevNext | Slide 62 DS-4044 Concept Grants in MEGS will use new MEGS interface GCMRS security is used Access MEGS from the Project Listing screen Report by function code detail using IFER interface like (Composite Budget) Signed for in usual manner Some terminology changes: Local Share

63 PrevNext | Slide 63 DS-4044: MEGS Entry

64 PrevNext | Slide 64 Early On System Review Purpose: Systematic On-site Review of ISD Improvement Plans Currently paper based process Coming to MEGS this Spring Designated ISDs will Apply for the Early On System Review Based on the MEGS SAIP functionality in 0304 grants Built in review functionality with 3, 6, & 12 month requirements

65 PrevNext | Slide 65 System Review Concept SAIP Components (not Collaborative Requirements) Page concept to stay the same Standard MEGS Application Menu Inherit contact info from Early On Grant. Business Rules will be defined.

66 PrevNext | Slide 66 asp?catID=8&sctID=6 Look here for copies of this PowerPoint and the Quick Guide.

67 PrevNext | Slide 67 Questions? Password related: Call MDE Help Desk (517) 335- 0505 Early On Questions: Vanessa Winborne(517) 335-4865 MEGS user questions: Agate Help Desk (800)-820-1890

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